Saturday, January 30, 2016

US Plans military action against ISIS in Libya

US Plans military action against ISIS in Libya

     The US and it's NATO allies plans fresh military action in Libya to fight against the increased ISIS threats. ISIS in middle east slowly falling with the effective campaign from Iraq led mission which include France, US, German air force and Russian air contingent. The ISIS in Libya growing day by day by capturing lands and seizing weapons.

     After the fall of Libyan dictator Qaddafi, The nation turns into two side, Pro European Muslim government vs the Qaddafi sympathizers, Each of them having almost equal size of lands, While ISIS slowly plans to infiltrate the anti government troops to announce another Islamic state in Libya. Italy is the country who is close to Libya, who already plans and proposed military campaigns.

     Italy is the first nation who announced bombing the Italian ports, Boats and ferry's to stop the Libyans who tries to enter Italy. Nearly half of the Libyans who poses as Refugees capsized in Mediterranean sea, during the attempt to reach the Italian mainland. However the Italian parliament declined the proposed military action.

     Earlier photos appeared in social media's that Italian special forces known as GIS spotted in Libyan airport Benghazi with military gears. The Italian Special forces carried out some unknown numbers of raids in Libya to stop the ISIS gaining victories in Libya. the GIS  surgical operation almost succeeded.  After the special forces deployment in Libya, the number of suicide bombings and other bomb blasts decreased very much.

     The Libyan government also operates two MiG 23 fighter jets, which is used to attack enemy positions. Those aircraft's hardly gets airborne due to the lack of supports. They also have Russian supplied Mi 24 helicopter gunships which are effectively used against anti government militia and ISIS.

      Its better option, to eradicate the ISIS before it's arise. US deployed special operation units across many African countries, Recent bomb blast and hostage crisis in Burkino Faso, US and the French special forces is the one who responded  first against the Terrorists. The same goes most of the other African countries.

     Last December a group of more than thirty US special forces with military gears, ground vehicles and a private jet liner spotted in Libya. after the exposure, US government called off the forces. However it's believed they do carried out special operations inside Libya. Since one of their ground assault vehicle badly damaged in a fight against Libyan ISIS or the Anti government troops.

     Pentagon assured in a recent statement that says "A “small group” of US forces had made contact with Libyan militiamen, “simply to get a sense of who the players are, However the statement didn't mentioned about how much number of US forces currently deployed in Libya.

     The Actual plan is sending more than thousands of US ground forces in Libya to assist the Libyan government against the increasing ISIS threat. France and Italian forces also planning to join the campaign, many western sources expecting. It would be a wise decision to deploy forces in Libya, before the ISIS making their stand. 

    Last week, A senior US military officer, joint chiefs of staff chairman General Joseph Dunford, said he and his French counterpart were preparing for “decisive military action” against Isis in Libya. Dunford said he desired nesting a military campaign within a political settlement that has eluded Libya and its foreign allies since the downfall of Qaddafi.

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