Friday, January 8, 2016

Transformed NSG with New Gear

Transformed NSG with New Gear

    Black Cats or the NSG is one of the elite special forces operating under the Home Ministry, Where most of the recruits are comes from Indian Army. NSG is called for any tough scenario inside the Nation. Where home ministry is responsible for protecting civil assets like economic corridor's and key political leaders. Special forces of the respected units under the Armed forces carried out Special missions for their needs.

    As everyone criticized Doval's mistake of sending NSG to safe guard the AFB Pathankot, such kind of operation can be easily handled by the Armed forces, Like Army's Para commando's and the Air force's guard commando's. The DSC Personnel who are in the duty to safe guarding the base don't have weapons and they were ex army soldiers. It's clearly there is a nexus between the communication to operating procedure of Air force commando's and NSG's. Since both follows different technique to handle such situations.

    The NSG is best known for protecting civil assets, Anti Hijacking and Hostage crisis, But not in Counter terrorism. It's the Army who is trained better in such terrains and have better options to react such strikes.

    Anyway it's a good operation from NSG and Air force special force, who stopped the terrorists, who trying to damage fuel storage and weapon storage facilities. Both of them tried to capture atleast one terrorists alive, however the time makes some issues to the forces since they blown up the terrorists into pieces.

    Photos shows NSG gets some serious weapon upgrades. The Newest arrival of Barret M 98 and SIG SG 552 is better in terms of fire and reliability. The NSG also comes with newest ballistic helmets, Night vision systems, Laser range finders and accessories like gloves, googles, knee pad etc.

    The Barret M 98 .338 Laupua magnum is one of the best known Sniper Rifle. The NSG is the first security force in India who gets the modern Laupua magnum for sniper support. Laupua is known as for best to shoot and kill enemy targets in far ranges without any deviation in it's flight path. The NSG earlier used the PSG 90 for Sniper support who is chambered in 7.62x39mm.

     The laupua can hit targets at the range of some 1500 mts too, even it can penetrate light armour platforms too. There is no bullet proof ballistic vest available in the world who can stop the .338 laupua rounds even at far ranges.

Barret M 98 Bravo
    Another best Rifle the NSG get is the Swiss made SIG SG 550 Assault rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm Bullets. The SIG is known as one of the best Assault rifle in the world. Whose effective fire support range is upto some 400 mts. The NSG nowadays mostly carry's the SIG SG 550 for long range fire support.

    The NSG also uses the MP 5 series chambered in 9mm bullet, The MP 5 models are used to spray the bullets, Mostly the NSG uses the Sub machine guns, since they involve in close combat situations like Hostage rescue and anti hijacking missions. The MP 5 is effective upto less than some 50 mts. It's highly recommend that NSG may use the MP 5 as side arm and the SIG SG 550 as Primary assault rifle.

    Now it's the Defense ministry needs to transform the Army soldiers with newest rifles which include dedicated sniper team with .338 Rifles and Spotters. The Defense ministry must learn from the Home ministry when transforming the soldiers into deadly killing machine.

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