Tuesday, January 26, 2016

South China sea almost under control of China, Study warns

South China sea almost under control of China, Study warns

     The recent report who revealed the Pakistani nuclear missile threat, also study's about the possible outcome from the South China sea, and the Chinese illegal construction in the artificial island, which poses serious threat to South Asian interests, The main objective of the Chinese military is to operate the artificial island as a Forward military base.

     Not only the forward airbase, China also plans to build more number of aircraft carriers to stand against the pacific nations and the US Navy. China plans to construct nearly five new aircraft carrier before 2030. with new power projection and the artificial Island, China may eventually controls the entire south China sea, and explores all the natural resources close to South China sea, China may achieve this by 2030. The CSIS study reveals.

    The Study also proposes the US government to expand the fleet presence in South China sea, with the cooperation of south Asian allies, US is the first nation who sails within the territorial waters of Artificial Island, South Asian nations, which include India also send it's warships as temporary deployment close to South China sea to show off against Chinese activities.

     Recent satellite images shows the Island construction almost completed, China already started deploying it's military jets and other defensive missiles, China also send it's passenger aircraft in that Island, who also performed take off and Landing missions. China deploys artillery's and coastal missile batteries in the Artificial Island.

    In future China may pose serious threat against the US Naval ships, which makes the situation even worsen, Since many countries include India also invested huge amount in South China sea to explore natural resources for Vietnam.

     India plans set up a satellite tracking and imaging centre in southern Vietnam that will give Hanoi access to pictures from Indian earth observation satellites that cover the region, including China and the South China Sea. ISRO will fund and set up the satellite tracking and data reception centre in Ho Chi Minh City to monitor Indian satellite launches, the Indian officials said. with the expected cost at around $23 million.

     The Study Points three major facts, Protecting US citizens and allies, promoting trade and economy, and promoting universal norms, As simply stopping the Chinese to intervening in international free waters.   However the need of Asian alliance against China is must need to neutralize the Chinese  activities.

     Early, many Nations which include India and US plans to create a organization to act against Chinese illegal activities in South Asian waters, Which include the earlier air defense identical zone close to Taiwan air space and the Illegal claims of Japanese Senaku Diyaou Islands, However due to pressure from China and Russia forced to close the alliance against China.

    Pentagon warned the Chinese, just after the report from CSIS, Saying, "China taking 'self-isolating' steps in South China Sea ". the statement also stated that, US is trying to solve the South China sea through diplomatic routes, However China pushing the US to take military action against the Chinese, who posing threat against US allies,

    Carter who issued the statements and also spoke about the anti Chinese alliance, saying We don't seek to ask people to take sides. We do know that people are coming to us increasingly. Why is that? It is because China is taking some steps that I fear are self-isolating, driving towards a result that none of us wants.

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