Sunday, January 24, 2016

India deploys P 8 in Navy's forward airbase Andaman

India deploys P 8 in Navy's forward airbase Andaman

     To effectively counter the Chinese threat in bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, at first India temporarily deploys the long range P 8 I maritime patrol aircraft in Andaman. the temporary basis deployment is the first step to permanent deployment of other naval air assets in Andaman, After brief report from security concerns in Andaman strategic location, Navy plans to deploy fighter jets, maritime patrol aircraft's and more warships to defend the Andaman from Chinese threat.

      Andaman's geographic location gives us an upper edge to counter Chinese movements close to Bay Bengal via Malacca straight, Andaman is located some 1300 km off from Indian main land, and some 1000 kilometer off from the Malacca straight. China uses their naval units to access occupied coco Island. Which was illegally captured from Myanmar, the actual distance from Andaman and Coco Island is just 70 kilometers

       China placed a naval listening post in coco Island, to watch Indian Naval activities along Bay of Bengal, they also monitor Naval ship movements close to Andaman and Nicobar Island's. Most of the times China uses their submarines to access their occupied Island's. with that they can test Indian anti submarine capabilities too. They indeed send their modern destroyers too, Earlier many times Chinese tried to ram Indian warships close to Andaman.

      After rising security threats from China, Indian Navy slowly fortifies the Naval emplacements in Andaman, By deploying more warships, coastal missile batteries, surface to air missiles and surveillance drones, The modernization plans almost drafted and it's in progress but slowly.

     At first step, Earlier Indian Navy sends their MiG 29 K fighter aircraft to Andaman's Naval air base known as INS Baaz, The Runway has more than 3000 feet length which can capable to to operate bigger Military planes like C 17 and P 8. The MiG 29 along with some Navy's Dornier Do 228 also operated from the Andaman Islands.

      Expanding the wings, as per modernization plans, Navy deployed it's P 8 I submarine hunter which was bought from USA. Those ASW Planes were bought to monitor Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, hence all the P 8 I has been deployed close to Chennai, INS Arakonam. The P 8 I mostly used to monitor off the Chennai coast from Chinese intruders.

       Now Navy checking it's capabilities by deploying it's long range maritime patrol aircraft in Andaman. Navy completed two week temporary deployment mission in Andaman. Indian Navy operates eight such planes, and almost close to finalize another four, The new batch of four could be deployed in Andaman Command. Adding those ASW planes in Andaman can monitor  each and every Chinese naval activities from Malacca Straight to Coco Island's.    

       Navy already issued a Coastal missile defense batteries, Mostly the Norwegian based NSM could be bought and more than two batteries could be deployed along the Andaman coastal, to effectively counter Chinese Warships. Indian Navy uses Russian Coastal batteries close to Mumbai, However they were older generation missiles. Navy plans to field the Brahmos batteries, due to huge costs, Navy thinks NSM is best option.

     Recent reports confirmed, Navy already deployed Israeli made searcher unmanned surveillance vehicles in Andaman to monitor the Andaman coasts. It's believed Navy may deploys more number of such UAV's in coming years.

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