Saturday, January 2, 2016

IAF Base Patankot targeted by Pakistani Terrorists

IAF Base Patankot targeted by Pakistani Terrorists

    A group of terrorists from LeT stormed the IAF base in Patankot, Punjab. Friday morning a group of men in army uniform assaulted a high ranking state police and seized his Car.within 24 hours morning Today they were used the same police car and rammed into the Main gate of AFB Patankot and killed the Soldiers who guarded the Front gate. Then they tried to enter the Main building further advancing towards the Aircraft hangers and Runway. However The Soldiers in the duty repelled the attack by killing all four intruders.

    The IAF personnel guarding the Base reacted with in a matter of time and fight back. The Initial wave killed two IAF Officers who were in the Gate duty. The Air force soldiers Killed four terrorists, some of them escaped Air force sources said.  The Air force called more soldiers for sweep operation to catch escaped terrorists.  

   Patankot Air force hosts MiG 21 Bison aircraft's for both Air indirection mission and close air support mission. No 3 Squadron or Cobra's are the units who operates the Patankot base. The base also used as forward base for reconnaissance flights too.   

    The terrorists main plan is to destroy some of the Fighter aircraft's in ground, However they didn't able to enter the main building too. They were stopped in the ramp walk between Main building and the Front gate.

   IAF called his special force Garud for sweeping operations. The NSG also called for search operations to find escaped terrorists. The state police closed the City to support the Armed forces to carryout safe operation.

   Public spotted more number of Helicopters dropping special forces around the city to search for the escaped terrorists.

    As of now the operation close to the Air force base accomplished by killing four attackers.  and the forces further searching for the escaped terrorists.

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