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Zumwalt Class Destroyer-The future is Here

Zumwalt Class Destroyer-The future is Here

   The US Navy recently launched the modern stealth guided missile destroyer USS Zumwalt as the lead ship of in his class. US planned to build more than thirty such ships. Due to the price escalation the orders further reduced into just three. Since a ship in her class costs more than $4 billions. The overall program cost for the Zumwalt program exceeds over $22 billions. which means US spend some $22 billions for just three ships. The current Zumwalt is not the final design while the Navy needs the Ships main artillery comes with Rail gun.

   The Zumwalt is currently in sea trails, where she will test her weapons, and evaluates it's capability and performance. The Zumwalt is something more advanced compared to the European vessels. The European destroyers and frigates are superior in design compared to Russian and American ships. Which has some stealth aspects in long range which is a significant advantage when conducting missions in lone mode and battle group mode. Zumwalts radar signature is way very less compared to the European systems.

   The Ship's hull also a state of art technology, The ship made up of special grade steel with composite materials, which reduce the Radar reflection as well as gives strength to the Ship to sustain from anti shipping missiles. Which makes the ship is more stronger and She can withstand even after number of missile hits.

  The Ship's hull designed as wave piercing tumble-home, Which allows the ship to perform maneuvers, more speed, although the major advantage is the Ship is she can sail smoothly even in rough sea's. Which makes the crews more active and reduce the workload when conducting missions in high sea states. The design also gives more acceleration and Speed in any rough sea conditions.

   The Zumwalt powered by two Rolls Royce gas turbine engines, Each can produce 35 MW power to propel the ship and provide electricity to the Ship. The whooping 35 MW  powerful Rolls Royce engines are used in the England's Aircraft carrier too. The gas turbine's power, accelerate the ship's speed  upto some 30 knots per hour. The secondary power system comprises another set of Rolls Royce Turbine engines which produced some 3.5 MW power for addition back up or emergency power sources. Mostly these engines are used to produce electric power to supply current to Ship's equipment's.

   The Ship's main sensor and processing system comprised with modern AN/SPY 3. Which is a dual band radar operated in two frequency in same time. The Radar emits frequency at S band and X band simultaneously. Where the X band used as Multi functional radar and S band used as Volume Surveillance radar. The Radar's provide illumination support to interceptor missiles like Standard Missile series and ESSM for high probability of Interception with two way data link support.

    The AN/SPY has increased service availability than all other available Radars. The AN/SPY 3 has 95% of service availability with very few down time. The fault detection system isolates problems without the need of human works. The AN/SPY 3 has six faces for 360 degree coverage. The DBR or AN/SPY 3 has very less moving parts hence the maintenance is not needed for regular intervals.

   The Ship comes with two 155 mm artillery for long range fire support whose range is upto some 120 kilometers. The Artillery shells can be guided to hit the target more precision. The Advanced gun systems soon to be replaced by adding electro magnetic rail for multi role fire support. which include bombardment and Interception. Compared to other rifles EM guns has long range and less deviations and quick interception. Installation of EM guns will start by coming years.

   The major offensive and defensive weapons are placed in the Ship's front side. Each side having 10 Mark 57 VLS systems each with four Launch tubes. The Zummwalt class can carry 80 VLS Tubes which can carry more number of missiles. The Missile numbers are varies depend upon the size of the missile. The VLS can house single SM series missiles while carry's multiple ESSM and ASROC missiles. Typically Zumwalt carries good numbers of Tomahawk long range ground attack missiles, SM series ballistic missile interceptors, ESSM missiles for Air defense, and ASROC rockets for Anti submarine warfare.

    Zumwalt can also carry a ASW Helicopter and a troop transporter. The Large deck allows the Destroyer to carry two heavy Helicopters. The Zumwalt also carry's three unmanned rotarcraft for reconnaissance and surveillance assistance. 

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