Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Virus in the House, Ex Army Officer Arrested alleged connection with ISI

Virus in the House, Ex Army Officer Arrested alleged connection with ISI

     It's very shocking that how easily those army officers fall in the ISI trap. This is the third arrest of NIA within fifty days. Last day they arrested a Ex Indian Army Hawildar who living very closely to the International border in Rajastan. The Anti terrorism squad from Rajastan and Utter Pradesh closely watched the Hawildar's activities in last several months. After getting enough evidence, The Police officers arrested him and detained for his anti national activities and alleged spying for Foreign Intelligence.

    Actually this is not the first time, The Government Intelligence found loop holes in the Army, They earlier arrested several key army officials who liked with Foreign Intelligence. The reason behind the espionage activities remain unknown. Mostly they trapped for money and girls. The arrested Hawildar is living very closely to the Pokhran firing range, Where most advanced weapon systems firing trails will be executed.

    Ex Army soldiers are not questioned by Serving Army sodliers due to several restrictions and respects. So they roam freely in some inaccessible places. So the foreign intelligence's target is such persons and paying them for photographing and collecting information's. The aftermath of their espionage activities makes huge damage to the National security.

    In earlier, A ISI Spy from Sri Lanka infiltrated Officers Training Academy in Chennai, Where he  transferred almost all the officers information's to Pakistan via Sri Lankan authorities. The NIA finally found him and arrested for his activities. The Spy almost did enough damage before captures,  The Spy worked as a bartender in the OTA Chennai.

 Another one arrested in utter pradesh who is an ex Army Subedar, who living in army cantonment Jhansi, He made contact with Pakistani officials and transfers key data about the army movement from Head quarters to battle zone's. He transferred the information's to Pakistan via a private cyber cafe, Later only he arrested by Indian intelligence. 

    Early last month in Delhi, Intelligence wing arrested two persons among them is a Ex BSF head Constable who also working under ISI intelligence, After questioning them, they spelled a Army officer's name frequently, The NIA team further speed up the investigation and looking for his aides. The NIA team went to Kashmir and arrested the Army officer who retired from active service months ago.

  Once the NIA reached his residence the army officer deleted his whatsapp conversations and other messages from his mobile phone. That makes the issue very seriously. And CBI taken him under their custody for questioning. The investigation process still going on.

    Within two months the Intelligence agency arrested three military officers, Who having connections with ISI. This arrests shows there is many others also involved in the espionage activities who transferring army secrets to the enemies.

 It's very hard to digest the traitors are ex army officers. 

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