Friday, December 25, 2015

The Flagship project PAK FA nearing Collapse

The Flagship project PAK FA nearing Collapse 

Reports from Moscow coming that the PAK FA project may collapse due to the lack of Russian interest in the PAK FA Project.

Russians pushed Indians to sign the R&D contract which valued some $6 billions. 

Some media reported that the Project slashed into $6 billion to $3.7 billions. However there is no official confirmations. Probably fake news reported by some unknown media. 

India tries to speed up the FGFA project by slashing ninety plus improvements into just 45 improvements. Reduction of improvement may decrease the FGFA's performance. However govt want the fighter soon to be delivered to IAF.

IAF asked the Russian government to evaluate the PAK FA fighter with Indian Pilots. Russia declined the IAF proposal. IAF told the govt that, without evaluating the PAK FA it's not good to sign the R&D Contract and pump the Money.

IAF didn't satisfied the PAK FA's engine performance. The Russians using the AL 41F1 Engine is a derivative of F 117S Engine. The engine is not a worth of engine to power the stealth fighters. Russians involved in the engine research however mass producing the new engine would happen only after 2020. The F 117S engine won't super cruise at supersonic speed.

The Russians initially planned to induct 55 new PAK FA fighters as revised plan from earlier planned 200 planes. Suddenly they cut the order of PAK FA by just 17 aircraft's. 

Russia said the PAK FA remains as reserve  fighter, while they continue buying the Su 35 S fighter.

Hence IAF is pushed to pump the money and buy the PAK FA, where Russians too didn't buying the Jets. The reason behind the low number of orders due to economic issues and technological issues. 

This looks like IAF may move away from the unknown PAK FA project. IAF so far spend some $350 millions for FGFA preliminary design purpose.

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