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ISIS vs the Collation and Russian Air force

ISIS vs the Collation and Russian Air force

     It's more than three months since Russia deployed it's tactical air troops and starts bombing ISIS and Rebel positions. Initially Russia told the operation would end in a matter of weeks, Many media reports also suggested ISIS won't survive against a massive Russian air contingent. However so far there is no real ground changes in Syria. Russians continuously bombing rebel positions with variety of new bombs include banned ammunition.

    After Turkey shoot down the Russian fighter jet, The situation has changed into different which forces Russia to deploy more powerful long range air defense missiles. The Russian aircraft's are forced to carry air to air missiles for self defense. However that wasn't decreased Russian bombing. It forced the Russians to intense the bombing campgain.

    Everyone claims most of the ISIS revenue comes with smuggled oil. Russia and it's allies blamed Turkey is trading with the ISIS oil without citing the sources. The Russians located some oil tanker convoy's and bombed them. Anyhow they never stops the ISIS oil business, Since ISIS shares border with KSA, Jordan, Iran and Turkey. Still the ISIS running good economy than many other governments in the world.

A destroyed house
   The Russians mainly focusing Rebel controlled Aleppo city in west Syria. The intense bombing resulted hundreds of civilian deaths in Aleppo. The Russian air support provide good victory's to the Syrian government forces and it's allies.  Currently the Rebels almost pulled back from Aleppo. Which gives a good victory to Assad. As of now most of the Aleppo province under Syrian government control

     On the other side ISIS pounded by Americans from Persian Gulf, The USS Harry S Truman arrived Persian gulf days ago, and starts bombing ISIS positions in Iraq, Americans didn't perform much in Syrian ISIS targets due to the S 400 deployment in Syria. US plans only special ground operation in Syria. Almost all airborne operations in Syria withdrawn due to safety precautions. Americans deployed ground forces in several key locations which include Kobane and northern Syria.

    French on the other side deployed his aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Mediternnan  sea. Where they carryout attacks inside Syria. Russians allowed the French to conduct missions inside Syria, and supports them too. France targets ISIS positions close to Iraq border with pin point delivery of PGM's from Rafale Aircraft's.

    France also used it's SCALP stand off cruise missile against Daesh positions. The missile hits exact positions and destroyed the targets completely. The Russians earlier used cruise missiles from Bombers, Surface ships and Submarines targeted Rebel and ISIS positions.

    Russia also plans for second air base in Syria for seamless operation. The Russians working on the Shayrat airbase which is located 25 miles off from Syrian city Homs. The Russians currently using the rotary wing platforms like Mi 24 P and other helicopters from Shayrat air force base. By modernizing the Shayrat air force base allows the Russians to use fixed wing fighter aircraft's too.

    The Germans also involved in the Bombing, They deployed some Tornodo ground attack jets and Euro fighter Typhoons for surveillance missions. German will assist the NATO partners by providing refueling support and satellite and reconnaissance support. German parliament agreed the government proposal of sending more than thousands of ground troops to Syria. However the actual ground reports of German forces in Syria yet to be confirmed.

Picture Showing incapacity of American and Russian campaign in Syria
     The Russians also planning to deploy some special forces in Syria for combat operations. There is many photos emerged in social media showing Russian forces fighting in Syria. Recent photographs shows Russian cargo ship carrying equipment's through bosphorus strait. That shows Russia soon going to deploy more ground forces in Syria.

    Anyhow, The Russian plans are dwindling, that they earlier planned to complete the mission within the end of this year. However many reports suggest China and Iran provides economic support to the Russians to keep fight in Syria.

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