Thursday, December 3, 2015

Help us to continue my work

Help us to continue my work

Dear Friends,

    Very Thanks for all of your support to keep the Page on your list of defense news. For that I would like to thank each and everyone of you. I'm using the Google adsense to earn some money from this blog. The adsense money is very limited, it's paying very less money just hundred or two hundred. I can managed up with that money. Currently I'm facing a financial issue. So I would request you peoples, If you love my content and you have enough money. Please donate us, You can donate as less as 500 rupees from much more.

   I think If I get enough money in coming days, I will continue updating the page.Very Thanks for the Supports

Here is my State Bank of India Account Details

Acc. No 31235698870
IFSC       SBIN0002222
Branch Code: 002222 

For Western Union or Money Gram Transfer 

Name : SAJEEV R.T 
Ph No : +91 9940789521

For any queries contact me via  

Very Thanks for the First Donation, I will keep update the page, If I received money from Followers

One of our Follower Just Donated Rs 500 - on 28th November  

Mr. Rabi Shankar - 2500 INR - on 07-12-2015

Mr. Amit Kulkarni  - 5000 INR - on 11-12-2015 

Mr. Ragupathy      -  € 100 Euro - on 19-12-2015

One of our Follwer Just donated - Rs 800  - on 21-12-2015

Mr. Nitin Kunte    - 2000 INR   - on 22-12-2015  

One of our Follwer Just donated - Rs 500  - on 30-12-2015

I Promise each and everyone I will come back on or before 17th December

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