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Cornering China, US Clears warship sale to Taiwan

Cornering China, US Clears warship sale to Taiwan

    In a move to counter the Chinese forces, US Congress agreed a billion dollar warship sales to the Island nation Taiwan. The Chinese reacted very anger to this foreign military sale, and said the proposed sale will change the military balance in Chinese region. China also summons US Ambassador for the military supply to Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the most pro American Nation who continuously supports the Honk Kong Freedom movements. A 200 km sea lane is the border between China and Taiwan.

    The Proposed US Congress military supplies to Taiwan is, Two Perry Class 4400 Ton frigates, Javelin 3rd Generation anti tank missiles, TOW Anti tank missiles, Stinger Man portable air defense missiles, Sea Whiz Land based CIWS batteries, Hundreds of AAV-7 Amphibious Assault Vehicles and some other communication equipment's. The deal value estimated some $1.8 billions.

   The Chinese vice foreign minister, Zheng Zeguang, said “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory,” and “China strongly opposes the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan.”  He also said the arms sale violates international law and harms China’s sovereignty and security interests. “To safeguard our national interests, China has decided to take necessary measures, including imposing sanctions against the companies involved in the arms sale,” Zheng said. “No one can shake the firm will of the Chinese government and people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to oppose foreign interference.”

   Chinese government also said that, China will never recognize Taiwan as an Independent country, And said US always making troubles in Chinese foreign policy's. Which will destabilize the relationship between China and USA. China also hints Taiwanese supports to the US and South Asian nations freedom of Navigation missions close to South China sea. India also a part of that alliance who regularly conducting naval mission close to South China sea.

   In Reply, The US State Department spokesperson Dave McKeeby said the sale is consistent with the United States support for Taiwan to defend itself under the Taiwan Relations Act and is consistent with Taiwan’s defense needs. The US Congress's Foreign relations members also defended the Congress proposals of arming the Taiwanese to safeguard their interests.

   Perry Class Frigates are made by Americans in the early 1980's to 2000. The US Navy decommissioned all the Perry Class frigates from it's fleet. and allowed to sale the same to foreign nations. US also allowed some other nations to build the same class with slight modifications. The Taiwan Navy currently operates eight Perry Class frigates, where all of them built in Taiwan shipyards and assisted by the Americans.

    The new US supplies comes up with two additional Perry class frigates. This will sums up total frigates count to ten. The Ships are modernized with new systems before transferred to the Taiwan Navy. The retrofitted warships will be transferred as early as 2016 a US Spokesperson said. 

    The Modified Perry Class frigates armed with AN SPS 49 Air search Radar and AN SPS 55 Surface search radar to scan both air and sea surface for targets. The Perry class fitted with the AN/SQS 56 Sonar systems. The fire control system comprised with STIR Radar system.

Javelin Missile

   The Ship comes with single arm launcher that can launch interceptor missile SM 1 whose range upto some 160 kilometers and the interception altitude is 80,000 feet. The same arm launcher can launch Harpoon anti shipping missiles too. However some modified systems replaced with Taiwanese HF 3 supersonic Anti shipping cruise missiles.

    The Primary defensive systems includes the CIWS and Torpdeo Decoy systems. The Perry class carry's single Sea Whiz Close in weapon system and six 324mm Torpedo's. The electronic warfare suite comprised with NATO standard AN/SLQ 82. Other systems like 30mm cannon and 76mm OTO Melera Naval artillery systems.

    Apart from that warship sale, US Supplies Javelin anti tank guided missiles for infantry supports and second generation TOW anti tank guided missiles. The deal value and actual numbers are unknown. US also agrees to supply Stinger man portable air defense missiles to shoot down low flying helicopters and fighter jets.

   Four Years ago, US and Taiwan signed a deal to buy F 16 Blk 52 fighters for some $5 billions. The Chinese too reacted the same. However US never given up and supplies the fighter jets and associated equipment's. Interestingly most of the Taiwanese weapons are sourced from United States.

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