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Massive Military Exercises close to Pakistan

Massive Military Exercises close to Pakistan

Ready for the Fight

    Indian Navy and Army currently conducting a bigger exercises close to Pakistan. The Navy conducting massive offensive and defensive operation involving front line warships, Sub marines and Fighter aircraft's under the code name of Defense of Gujarat Exercise. On the other side Indian Army's 21 st Strike corps conducting massive offensive exercise close to Pakistan border involving 30,000 of Infantry soldiers along with hundred's of Tanks and Artillery's with Air Force's Close Air support fighter aircraft's and Helicopters.

    Meantime the Indian Air force also commenced a full spectrum Military exercise under the code name of Livewire. The Air force exercise also involves majority of fighter jets along with support planes like A 50 Phalcon Aewcs and more. It's quite interesting that government maintains silence about this exercise. unlike other exercises the Media allowed to take photographs and write columns. However during this time no one allowed inside the exercise zone. 

Indian Army's 21st corps offensive exercise

    The Indian Army's 21 st strike corps currently conducting massive offensive exercise close to the Pakistani border, The exercise noticed by Economic times in early September. The Exercise allows the forces ability to conduct offensive operation even in dense CBRN condition. The exercise utilizes the Army's strike corps offensive capabilities. 

   The exercise happens each year in Rajastan involving any of the Army's strike corps. The 21 st Strike corps mobilized all over from the country and re united in Rajastan for the Offensive Drills close to Pakistan. ET earlier reports the Pakistan has been notified about the troops mobilization and exercise.

Army's T 90 MS at firing Range

    The 21st strike corps consists of an armored division equipped with Main battle tanks, Artillery's field guns and Multi barrel rocket launchers. It's also include two infantry divisions a dedicated artillery brigade and Air defense brigade. However selected persons from the 21st Strike corps will conduct the exercise in Rajastan. The Exercise is currently live. It's reported that the exercise happens for the next 20 days or so.

Indian Air force Livewire

    Livewire is the known name of IAF's primary offensive exercise. This years Livewire exercise currently ongoing somewhere in India. Even the exact location of the exercises still remain secret.  However some sources say the The Air force conducts the exercise close to Pakistan. Assisting the Army's exercise and Navy's exercise is also be a part of the Livewire.

    PIB published the exercise commenced on 31st October. The Exercise means to validate the full spectrum capability of the air force's strike capability, Providing assistance to the ground operations. The Exercise also use the network centric operational preparedness method. which alerts all the Air force stations for the possible incoming threats. However the actual details about the this years live wire exercise objective unknown.

   Air force fielding much advanced SIGINT and AEWCS Planes and mobile surface to air batteries like Akash and OSA AK. Satellite tracking and simulated missile attacks also being tested during the exercise 

Indian Navy Defense of Gujarat Exercise

     Same like above exercise, The Navy's exercise is also unknown to the Public. The Navy currently engaging a biggest ever Naval exercise close to Karachi. The Exercise involves western Naval command's major warships. which include newer Kolkata class destroyer, Shivalik class frigates and many other warships and navy auxiliary ships.

Indian navy ships in Formation

    The Navy's air squadron the Black Panthers also flying offensive and defensive counter air and anti shipping exercises. The Black panther consists MiG 29 K multi role air crafts. The Navy also deploying Submarines and ASW crafts in the DGX exercise. The Indian Air force's Jaguar maritime strike air craft's also participating the exercise for simulated anti ship missile launches.

    The combat drills involving Blue and Red forces. One is mimicking as offensive and other is need to be defend and repel the attack. Such combat drill also involves live fire exercises. The recent test firing of Brahmos from INS Kochi also comes from part of this exercise says military watchers.

   It's quite interesting such major offensive operation wouldn't get covered by front line media's. also defense ministry's public release too didn't inform about the military exercises. It's quite clear the coordinated Military exercise is to tests the Military's capability to conduct a offensive strike against Pakistani forces.   

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