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ASEAN Nation vows to conduct FoN in South China Sea

ASEAN Nation vows to conduct FoN in South China Sea

     Recent development in south China sea include the US Navy's destroyers sailing with in the Chinese Artificial Island's territorial waters.  China constructed a island middle of the sea and claimed the Island and the nearby sea belongs to China. The US Challenged the Chinese by flying a P 8 I over the Island. At second incident US Navy's Destroyer sails inside the 12nm territorial waters of the so called Artificial Island. Since the South asian nations are poorly equipped to counter the Chinese claim

    To tackle the Chinese aggression in South China sea, South Asian small nations created a forum to jointly works to counter Chinese military activities close to their eaters. The forum named as ASEAN which involves South Asian nations Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Brunei. This years ASEAN summit has a main objective of disputed issue in South China sea. The ASEAN summit also calls defense minsters from the Asian countries and Regional players like US, China and India.

    However the forum failed to issue a joint statement. Due to the pressure of Chinese defense minister the actual understanding of South China sea dispute was kept under secret. The Indian Defense Minister Manohar parrikar, US defense secretary Ash Carter also presented in the meeting. However the meeting is almost vanished without having common understanding between the nations.

     When Talking about the South China Sea, Manohar parrikar himself says that " Freedom of navigation in international waters, the rights of using the international airspace could not be violated by someone's specific interest. He also says nations must respect united Nations convention law of freedom of navigation in International waters.

Illegal construction in international waters by China
  On the other side, External affairs minister Sushma swaraj visited Philippines and met his counterpart Albert. Both of them discussed many security issues including the south china sea. In the join statement Sushma mentions Philippines rights in west Philippine sea and indirectly warned the Chinese action in South China sea. West Philippine sea is the term adopted by Philippines for the past four years. It's quite surprise when Sushma pronounce the same.

     Both of the incident shows that, India's prime interests of cornering China from all available sides. Between Indian Navy also plans to field a permanent Naval units in South china sea currently navy has port visit missions using it's warships. As of now Shivalik is doing the duty in South Chinese Area. Indian Navy Also plans to conduct overflight mission above the Artificial Island built by china. Just how US flew over the air space using it's P 8I even with Chinese repeated warning.

    The South China sea heats up more closely, When US send it's warship close to the Island. Chinese Navy responded by sending one destroyer and a support ship to escort the US warship during the transits. However they never exchanged any contacts, However some media quoted that China radioed the USS Lassen and said " Hope to see you soon" While US Navy confirmed no contacts during the transis. The Pacific commander stated that US Navy will conduct more such patrols in that area. Even after meeting the Chinese defense officials in Beijing after the FoN Mission.

    The Chinese heavily protested the Americans act, The Def Sec Ash Carter countered the Chine by saying " The US will fly, sail and operate all over the international waters, as what US doing all over the world, The South China sea also the same, It's in International waters."

Modern Chinese Destroyer Type 052 Class
     Not only the words, Defense Sec Ash Carter also wants to sail the South China sea, The Defense secretary and Malaysian Defense minister planned to onboard the US Navy carrier Theodore Roosevelt, The Carrier along with her support ships will perform a patrol mission well close within the 12nm of the Artificial Island. However this time the Ship won't sail inside the 12nm boundary line of the Artificial Island.

    The Chinese military officials repeatedly warning that transiting over South china sea could spark a small conflict even a war. And said US and his partners should stop provoking the Chinese.

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