Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Air chief Raha warns, China cornering us

Air chief Raha warns, China cornering us

Chinese Su 27 Flankers
   Indian Air force chief attends the annual seminar conducted by center for Air power studies. The seminar is about to discuss Chinese air activity close to Indian air space. Air chief Raha concerned about Chinese increased activities in Tibet autonomous region which was allegedly annexed by China earlier. China tries to focus all available sides to corner India. The Chinese influence in Pakistan and Chinese military tie up with Sri Lanka  is all some small examples.

   Earlier October, Raha said that IAF watching Chinese fighter jets increased presence in the TAR region. IAF also noted Chinese military build up and increased activities of building new military infrastructure in that area's. China has a large military air base close to Daocheng Yading, where they can field most of their fighter jets and missile defense systems.

    Air Force Cheif also expressed concern of fielding long range air defense missile in TAR, which makes IAF fighter's facing huge risk when conducting combat air patrol missions. China is the first customer of Russian S 400 missiles. China plans to field regiments of S 400 close to Taiwan, Hainan and Tibet to counter Chinese rival enemies like Taiwan, USA and India.

    Fielding one S 400 missile battery in TAR makes huge risk of IAF pilots who fly combat missions close to Chinese borders. China will deploy their S 400 Batteries close to above said regions by early next year. IAF chief talks about the latest threats in that region, and also said that, Earlier IAF has a threat of HQ 9 batteries which is a clone of Russian S 300 missile same like S 400. IAF has several options to counter those batteries using kamikaze UAV's and combat drones.

Chinese H 6 Bomber Missile Carrier
   Chief also Talks about Chinese maritime patrol missions very close to Indian waters, IAF Chief surprised about Chinese nuclear boats close to Indian waters in the name of anti piracy mission, with a strange logic. Chinese Naval presence close to Andaman Nicobar command is a way very concern. ANC is vulnerable to enemy attacks due to lack of war ships and air defense assets.

    Air marshal also talked about Indian advancement in Arunachal Pradesh, where China attacks first in case of war erupted between India and China, Building new infrastructure and modernizing older landing grounds and air strips gives quick support to IAF to conduct offensive and defensive operation within and outside Indian air space.

    Raha clearly mentions the need of alliance between AESAN nations to stand against Chinese alleged  claims of disputed territories. From Akshai shin to Tawang China repeatedly violating the borders  and sending Chinese patrol's inside Indian lands. India tries to fortify the Borders by constructing more numbers of Border outposts and deploying more soldiers. Recent stand off shows India has slight upper edge compared to the Chinese.

   Air Chief Raha also briefed about Chinese assistance of constructing Gawdar port in Pakistan. Which gives an upper edge to China to monitor Indian activities in western waters. India also concerns about Chinese assistance of Pakistani construction of economic corridor which connect Pakistan and Pakistani occupied Kashmir. 

    When talking about Pakistan, The Pakistani government and army allegedly support the anti Indian elements operating close to Indian borders. Pakistan continuously supporting those anti Indian elements who focus killing Indian civilians, Stopping those activities only increases the Indo Pakistani relations said Arup Raha.

   Raha also answered questions about IAF's involvements in anti Naxal operations. Raha said So far more than fifteen thousand sorties flown by IAF's both fixed and rotary wings, which transported more than 75,000 para military personnel's and 1600 tons of load.

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