Sunday, November 29, 2015

Aftermath of Turkey shot down Russian Su 24 M

Aftermath of Turkey shot down Russian Su 24 M

    After the recent spur in Syria when Turkey shot downed a Russian Su 24. It's almost changed many things against FSA Rebels, Kurd Rebels and the ISIS. All three have  sponsors and have their own agenda which different from each other, which makes the Situation difficult to understand and solve through diplomatic routes. Kurds needs a separate country in Syria, Iraqi and Turkish Border, Islamic state need entire Middle east, and the FSA needs Freedom in Syria by toppling the dictator who gassed and killed nearly half a million innocent Syrians.

    Here each gets revenues from respective partners or sponsor. More than thirty five million Kurd peoples lives in the Iraqi, Iranian, Turkish and Syrian Borders. Their major goal is independent Kurdistan representing their own peoples. Majority of Kurds are Sunni Islamist's as well as some Shia minority living in Iranian borders. Another half a million Yazedi's living very closely to Iraqi borders. As said above they fighting against everyone, Like against Turkish, Free Syrian Army and the ISIS.

   Americans supporting the Kurdish close to Iraq and Syria to fight against ISIS. After Iraq, Kurd peoples in Iraq attacked most by ISIS. So here Kurd gets funded by Americans and the West to defend them from those brutal terrorists groups. On the other hand FSA gets funds from Middle east and west. and the So called ISIS gets fund from their own oils, which was smuggled through Kurd tribal area's via Turkey.

    Russians openly said, only after the shot down, It's the Turkey who buying ISIS oils. While Turkey blames Syrian Assad who gets cheaper oil from ISIS. Analysts confirms the ISIS extracted oil come to the Kurd Borders. and the bidding involved by Oil companies and some Nations as Russians told Turkey's Government, Who bids higher gets the oil, which was moved via Turkey or Syria to the ports.  Russians and Americans targeting those oil Trucks, However most of the Trucks are unable to  be traced.

    After the shot down, Russians deployed S 400 long range air defense batteries, That can track targets upto some 400 kilometers meantime it will engage airborne targets upto some 400 kilometer. The range can be covered entire Cyprus, Israeli Jerusalem and major Turkish cities which include NATO base Incrilik too. Makes each and every aircraft flying in the zone can be monitored and  targeted.

   This makes every foreign aircraft flying in Syria comes under the S 400 umbrella. Makes some NATO missions inside Syria also in troubles. Currently Some US, French Aircraft's conducting strikes inside Syria. Last four days there were very less airstrikes conducted by Collation aircraft inside Syria. Anyhow the S 400 in Syria won't make any real changes, However this makes sense of Russian plan to protect the Syrian airspace from rival aircraft's from NATO.

    Russia also warned Turkey to do not enter Syrian Air space, If Turkey do so Russians will strike the Turkish Air crafts. Actually Turkish Fighters comes inside Syrian Air space to attack Kurd Rebels. It's very rare. However this will happens occasionally. Last four days there were very less or zero Activities reported. While American F 15 C and Turkish F 16 D conducting Combat Air patrol in Turkish Border normally. Turkey also warns Russia to do not enter Turkish air space otherwise they will do the same.

   Russia almost broken all kind of military and economic cooperation's with Turkey.  This worsen Russian economic only. Since Russians export to Turkey is about some $25 billions every year. while Turkish export to Russia just $6 Billions. Which means economically worsen Russians sanctioning themselves. Russia almost lost it economic relation with west since the illegal annexation of Crimea and waging war in Eastern Ukraine.

    Anyway the situations will worsen only if Turkey and Russia clash each others in Black Sea or in Syrian border. unless there will be no more escalations in the Su 24 shot down. 

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