Saturday, October 10, 2015

South China Sea, US plans to send it's Naval Ships

South China Sea, US plans to send it's Naval Ships

    The US Navy plans to send it's naval ships close to the Chinese artificial island, as China says 12 nautical miles from the artificial island is belong to Chinese government. sailing inside the perimeter is considers as violation without having permission, and that could bring military actions. as many nations include India previously sends it's Naval warships very close to the artificial Islands. they never provoked the Chinese, by sailing close to the 12 nautical miles, they keep off from the Chinese identical zones.

    The US is the first and only nation who send it's naval spy plane P8 Neptune and performed flying mission over the island. the Chinese repeatedly warned the American air crew. and the American air crew replied to the Chinese, "we are flying in the international airspace, so no need to obey others orders, and we are working under UN laws and regulations", the Chinese air traffic repeatedly warned the Americans. however they didn't changed it's flight path and continued their missions. later US never tried to send more flying missions over the Chinese artificial Island. and no other countries never tried to perform such missions.

    Recently Indian Naval officers said that, "India must join hands with Americans and support their moves of conducting freedom of Navigation flights over the artificial island", however both the Indian and US government officials not interested further provoking the Chinese. they plans for a multi nations alliance to confront the Chinese. the Alliance still on paper.

   As American always one step ahead, when dealing with such threats. they planned to send a warship very close to the Island and sail within the 12 nautical mile ring which covers the Artificial island. the plan was drafted by the US Navy officials and Pentagon. however still it not gets a official authorization by the US president. The US President says, "wait till the upcoming UN general security meet, and wait for any diplomatic option", and there is no clear words comes from the both Chinese and American officials during the meet. while China speeding up the construction of the Artificial island.

   And now the Pentagon officials once again move the same plan to the white house to authorize the mission. the final decision yet to taken by the President, Navy officials from Pentagon spoke to Navy times and said "the president will authorize the plan of using Naval power inside the hot zone". that could pose a serious challenge to the Chinese Navy and it's military planners.

   During the initial days of Ukraine conflict US Navy send it's Arleigh Burke class Destroyer USS Donal Cook to show the American support to the Ukraine government. and it's believed US may send the same Arleigh Burke class destroyer close to the Artificial Island. US Navy operates more than seventy such Destroyers. which is named one of the Best AEGIS Destroyer in the world, armed with hundred's of offensive and defensive missile systems.

   If the South Pacific Nation alliance succeeded, The Indian's Japanese and Australians too sends it's warships close to the Island to show it's power. India recently sends it's newest stealth frigate INS Sahyadri as a four days deployment to South china sea, to work with the Vietnam Navy to support's it's patrols close to the Spratly Islands. and the Ship's deployment days may be expanded into months in coming days, that makes Indian Navy's interest in full time missions in South China sea.

   Even if the US sends it's Destroyer's close to the Chinese Artificial Islands. the Chinese have no option to stop the Ship. and they do what Russian did in Ukraine when USS Donald Cook passed over the Black Sea. the Chinese may try to buzz the US destroyer using it's fighter jets. however America never bother about the Chinese actions, and they continue sail towards the mission directions, as they doing since decades.

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