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Proposals worth of 12,000 Crore cleared by DAC

Proposals worth of 12,000 Crore cleared by DAC

The S 125 Neva/Pechora
    The defense acquisition council chaired by defense minister Manohar Parrikar clears tri services proposals of defense equipment's worth of 12,000 Crore. The DAC meet was scheduled before the Defense Minister's visit to Russia, Thus gets more Russian based offers like upgradation's and new acquisitions. The Army gets two new Pinaka artillery regiments and the Air force's IL 76 based fleets gets new engines and upgrade packages. While the expected HTT 40 Trainer development program is not discussed either disapproved by the DAC.

Air Force

    Air force gets some good clearance of their proposed projects. Indian Air force operates 26 of Il 76 based platforms for various operations, 14 of them used for Transport, six of them used for mid air refueling and another six used for Airborne radar and Aviation research center respectively. The IAF'S IL 76 fleet uses the D 30 KP 1 engines. While the Russians unveiled a new engines based on the PS 90. The new engine will extend the life of Il 76. The new engine has a high bypass ratio, and it's highly reliable than the existing engine and improvements in the efficiency. IAF plans to keep the IL 76 fleet for one more decade by upgrading the engines.

   The IL 76 also gets an updated avionics suites. This includes new integrated flight and navigational systems, automatic control and communication systems and the new glass cockpit displays. The cockpit will be upgraded by eight multi functional LCD panels and three intelligent control panel. The upgrade brings the normal Il 76 into IL 76 MD 90 A Standard.

The Upgraded IL 76 MD 90 A with new engines and Cockpit

   Most of the IAF bases guarded by the S 125 Neva systems. Those stationary SAM systems provide cover to the air base from enemy air attacks. Those S 125 systems are very old and uses the command line of sight guidance systems, which requires a operator to keep guiding the Missile to hit the target. However most other nations switched these old systems into fire and forget missile systems like Patriot and S 300 based systems.

    While there is no sight in procuring new air defense systems. IAF plans to upgrade the existing vintage S 125 systems into new standard to work until new systems arrival. IAF has only a vision of using the mobile Akash SAM systems to safe guard the base out of the S 125. The proposed S 400 acquisition takes time to operational under IAF.

     The S 125 upgrade package include adding electronic counter counter measure suites in the missile to escape from chaff and flares, adding new electro optical tracking increases the missiles interception probability. Replacing the older analog systems into digital systems, It's believed half of the missiles analog systems will be replaced. This improves the missile's reliability and performance also require less power consumption. The Radar and command systems too upgraded into new standard. It's believed the Russian Almaz Antey will modernize the IAF's twenty five operational S 125 firing units. The Proposed upgrade costs estimated around 1800 crore.

Indian Army

Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher
    DAC cleared Army's proposal of raising two new Pinaka rocket artillery regiments along the Indo Pakistani border. Indian Army already operating more than five Pinaka Rocket artillery regiments, each regiment comprise three batteries of Pinaka Rockets and associated equipment. One Battery consists of six Pinaka rocket launching units, resupply vehicles and associated equipemts.

     The Army gets the Pinaka MK 1 systems. while the increased range of Mark 2 still in testing. Pinaka 2 has an increased range of 60 kilometers while the Mark 1 has 40 kilometers of engagement range.  The estimated project cost is around $500 millions or 3300 Crore. 

    The Indian Army's UN mission set to receive new  BMP 2M infantry fighting vehicles which replaces the older BTR and BMP. Army's UN mission gets 149 BMP, which will be deployed around Africa. DAC also clears the OFB Medak's wish of producing more BMP 2 Vehicles which will be later given to Indian Army or some other defense forces.

Indian Navy

     Indian Navy proposed the DAC to clear buying new Ocean going tug boats and deep submergence rescue vehicles. Under this proposal Indian Navy will get four new Ocean going multi purpose tug boats. This can be used to assist the Naval ships to bring them back to the Harbor if the ship has any mechanical problems. The ocean going tugs has long endurance as well as high power to tow bigger Naval ships.

A Mystic class DSRV from US Navy

     DAC also cleared Navy's proposal of buying much needed DSRV vehicles. The DSRV is used for rescuing downed/broken submarine and clandestine missions. The DSRV's are capable to rescue sailors at the depth of some 2000 feet. Some of the DSRV's can go upto some 5000 feet for rescuing sailors deep under waters.

    The DSRV's are also capable to bring back the submerged submarines to sea floor. The DSRV's are fitted in the Submarines, However Indian Navy has no such huge submarine's. So it would be carried by the Surface ships only. Most of the Foreign Navy's has such DSRV's. While Indian Navy yet to get such systems.  

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