Friday, October 16, 2015

PGM's Stocking dosages to Pakistan and China

PGM's Stocking dosages to Pakistan and China

   The future battle would be coming from the air. one who dominates the air who can control the land too, even if the enemy has large number of ground units and associated systems. The current Syrian campaign and the earlier Iraqi invasion are all point outs the need of precision bombs to kill enemy outfits to support the ground units for further advance. In invasions the enemy ground soldiers numbers and support systems will be pinned down any highly trained much modern forces. so the friendly forces in enemy territory always relies on the friendly Air support missions to neutralize enemy strongholds.

    The next war between India and Pakistan becomes a very long time war, with the Liberation of Baluchistan and recapture of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. the Indian Tri services thinks about offensive in case of any misadventures made by Pakistan. after the 26/11 India learned that they have full power to defend the Nation from enemy attack. however they were not ready for a large scale offensive. and the published CAG report also states about the shortage of ammo in early 2008-2013.

    The offensive mission in Syria is another example of the need of precision guided munitions, along with dumb bombs. the dumb bombs are not guided which are mostly used for carpet bombing to pinned down the enemy forces by stopping their advancement. the dumb bombs makes collateral damages making nearby by soft or civilian targets at high risk. precision bombing is much simple and lethal, which is used for pin point strikes, to destroy enemy points lazed by lasers or marked by the friendly forces.

    The US forces used the AC 130 gunships heavily in the Afghan campaign for close air support, since they have full air superiority over the afghan airspace. even the Taliban has less number of MANPAD's which are ineffective against those high flying targets. Even in Syria the Russians enjoying the air superiority and dropping bombs from the air. there is a lesson that Russian showing, by destroying the ISIS and FSA targets using unguided dumb bombs, and the high value sorties from Su 34 comes with KAB 500 GLONASS guided bombs, to destroy rebel positions at high precision. thus gives a good chances to the Syrian and pro government allied ground forces to advance into the rebel occupied territory's.

    During the Desert Storm US dropped two hundred thousands of unguided bombs, and 17,000 guided munitions. and found the precision guided munitions shows much better result than the 200,000 unguided bombs. with the lessons, 1998 Iraqi bombing the Americans dropped more guided munitions than the dumb bombs. later in Afghan campaign they used the PGM's more effectively than the Dumb bombs. in the Afghan campaign US dropped some 9000 unguided bombs along with another 20 thousands of guided munitions. thus shows US slowly moving from the dumb bombs to guided munitions.

    The same goes to Kargil, the IAF found lack of PGM bombs in it's inventory and lack of target designators, when talking about precision bombing in Kargil  Philip says "The Mirage 2000 were supplied with Thomson-CSF Laser Designator Pod, known as ‘ATLIS’ which was capable of delivery of Matra 1000 kg LGBs, which were purpose built for destruction of reinforced targets. These weapons were highly capable but were very expensive." During the Kargil conflict, only Mirage 2000 had the capability to deliver a precision-guided bomb accurately on Tiger Hill, which makes new fighter acquisition and bombs must suited to give proper dosages to both Pakistan and China effectively in high grounds.

   To destroy Pakistani land targets and to stop the Chinese offensive, India need some 40,000 of guided bombs along with another 10K of unguided bombs bombs. which can be armed in both Su 30 MKI and Mirage fleets. even the LCA can be used for continuously bombing Pakistani land targets with the guided bombs. The Su 30 MKI and LCA can strike Mountain targets with laser guided munitions with the use of Litening laser designation pod. and the medium fighters like Mirage and Rafale pound ground targets using satellite guided munitions.  

   compared to missiles, delivering the bombs through fighter jet is best in target strike and economical matters. the Fighter's can engage targets like highly mobile Tanks or Artillery's. and the long range missiles are best for destroying command centers and and other immovable economic corridors.

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