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One month of Russian aerial delivery to ISIS and Syrian Rebels

One month of Russian aerial delivery to ISIS and Syrian Rebels

UAV Screen grab
    It's almost a month since Russian Air force started bombing against the Syrian Rebel forces and ISIS positions, along with small victories near Aleppo provenance. So far nearly 700 plus sorties flown by the Russian Fighter jets like Su 30 SM, Su 24M , Su 25SM and Su 34. Which makes more than 50 sorties per day flown by the Russian Air force jets. Those sorties also include the deployed Helicopter gunships like Mi 24 P and electronic intelligent plane like  IL 20 Coot. The list gives a good light about all the Russian aircraft availability rate and combat performance.

   All the Russian fighter aircraft's and helicopters uses the Latakia based air force base for combat operations, and performs missions within the range of some 200 kilometers. Those Syrian Rebels are way too closer to the Russian Naval outpost, that's why the Russians suddenly deploys ground troops and fighter air crafts to prevent them to over run the Bases. Those airborne platforms are used for offensive operations and ground troops used to safe guard Russian assets in Syria. Rarely some times the long range strike aircraft Su 34 used for striking targets well beyond some 300 kilometers where the ISIS is operating.

    Most or some 60 % of Russian Air strike pounded just some 75 kilometers off from the Latakia base, which is situated in between Latakia and Idlib provenance. Those area's are currently under control of Syrian rebels, and some  25% of Russian Air strikes pounded over Aleppo city, the same place where a trilateral conflict between ISIS vs FSA vs The Syrian Army.  This is where Syrian Army gets more ground support to start the offensive in past weeks.

    Currently the Syrian Army Engaging the Syrian Rebels over three sides, Idlib, Aleppo and Homs. In Aleppo the Syrian Army needs to fight against the ISIS too. Initially the Syrian Army planning the offensive over the west of Syria to bush back the Rebels over east side, where most of the ISIS activities reported. The Syrian Army gets multiple supports from the Nations like Russia and Iran, The Syrian ground forces supported by the Iranian Elite ground forces known as the Quds Forces, Air strikes from the Russian Air forces, Milita support from Hezbullah Terrorists and Intelligence and other supports from Cuban's.

    The Syrians started the ground offensive 15 days ago, ten days after the Russians started Bombing. However the cooperation between the Russians and Syrians are way too limited. Since both are not good enough to use the modern technologies for calling a close Air support mission. The Russian low flying helicopter pilots visually identifies the Enemy positions before attacking, where the UAV gives clear picture to the Fighter jets to carry out attacks. This is something called very old statics since the ground soldiers are highly mobile and they won't use much armors.

     The Syrian Rebels using the US made Saudi supplied TOW missiles to take out Syrian Tanks and armored carriers. Also many witnessed that the Chinese HJ 8 and French Milan anti tank missiles too used by the Syrian Rebels. Anyhow all these missiles are second generation systems, thus need someone to guide the missiles to hit the target. Unlike third generation Anti tank missile systems like Javelin and Spike uses IIR and laser guidance for target acquisition and self guidance, makes the missiles fire and forget. The US refused to provide such missiles to the Rebels.

TOW 2nd Generation Anti Tank Missile
    Those Second generation missiles would be operated by a group of two experienced persons. Where Most of the Syrian Rebel members are defected soldiers of Syrian Arab Army. Even the FSA leader Noeimi is an Ex Syrian Military officer who  defected from the Syrian Army during the early days of Civil war. The FSA scored many armor kills during this series of defensive operations.Videos from YouTube and multiple reports from Conflict news confirms more than 70 Syrian armors were destroyed by the FSA in last 15 days using those anti tank missiles.

    Even though the Syrian Army slowly moving towards the Rebels strongholds like Aleppo and Idlib. The Syrians and Russian cheering with small victories. However there is major secret operation is ongoing headed by unknowns, to assassinate top military commanders in battlefronts. Recently one of the Iran's top military officer general  Hossein killed in the battlefield near Aleppo. There is some other high ranking  military officials also killed in front lines. Even more the Syrian rebels managed to fire a RPG over an Russian consulate near latakia.

MAP of current Situation in Syria Courtesy ISW

   The Russians also pounding some Targets by using their long range cruise missiles, at first they fired some long range modified Klub cruise missiles off from Caspian sea, Week later they fired some missiles into latakia from the Russian Naval ships positioned near Mediterranean sea. Those are just some live missile tests it seems, where it doesn't makes good results when engaging threats like moving ground forces.

    Anyway there is a good days are coming in the conflict,  as The Syrian offensive almost started in full swing and they bound to enter the Rebel stronghold's. From Rebel side they just received modern weapons from the US para drop. makes the inventory having MANPAD's too which is yet to be confirmed makes them a good threat to low flying Russian Fighter jets.     

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