Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Indian Army Plans to field remote controlled weapon towers

Indian Army Plans to field remote controlled weapon towers

    Indian Army plans to field remote controlled border towers to secure borders from infiltrating, which can be used to shoot down any infiltrators who tries to comes very close to the border lines or tries to infiltrate,  Army already tested the prototypes and planning to field them before the end of this year. said Lieutenant General RR Nimbhorkar, commander of the Nagrota-based 16 Corps. Israel is the first country who constructed such towers to stop terrorists infiltrating into Israeli main land, later some others too constructed such weapon towers, 

    India suffers very badly due to the cross border infiltration, lost many Soldiers during the encounter, also it's hard to monitor the border 24x7, India setups multiple sensors and camera's along the border, to monitor enemy activities, however they need to dispatch infantry Soldiers to stop the terrorists, so far this year, there were 300 plus infiltration attempts foiled by the Army and BSF Soldiers, more than 100 infiltrators shot dead, and Army, BSF too loose some of it's men,

    Army and BSF had many technical supports to identify the threats, however they don't have any  gadgets who can perform strike missions, attack drones uses missiles to strike enemy positions if they were inducted, however it draws enemy attention, and the operating costs too not economical and it creates possible collateral damages too , Israel is the first one who found a good solution with less costs, they constructed small towers across the concrete wall separating gaza and Israel, those remote controlled guns can be trigger by the commander, unlike some other systems works as autonomous mode, like RCWS.

   The new towers comes with a infrared radiator to detect moving or new targets in it's ranges, if any suspicious activity's founds, the sensors alert the field commander or the operator who watching the camera's, if the target identified as hostile the operator can trigger the Machine gun which is attached with the sensor system.

   the tower works in day night and all weather conditions, and keep the guns inside a small cover, if the operator press the trigger button,The guns can be raised, lowered and rotated in a 150-degree arc for better accuracy and high precision.

   There is no confirmation about the gun's characteristics, however it's believed it could be a 7.62x39 mm Light machine gun, for better fire power and range, the tower can scan the area outside from the border fences for inappropriate moving, it can detect any movement up to a distance of 80 meters ahead of the border fence.

   The scope of automation is being expanded. Nimbhorkar, whose forces guard a 224-km stretch of the disputed border in Jammu and Kashmir, told Hindustan Times, “The tests on Sten sub-machine guns have met expectations. Now, trials will be conducted on light machine guns. We hope to deploy remote-controlled weapons in areas identified by us in two months.” Nimbhorkar said the weapons would be deployed to “secure dead ground” hidden from soldiers due to topographical factors and other areas that are “extremely difficult” to patrol. Such patches are exploited by infiltrators, backed by the Pakistani army, to sneak into the country and cross the Pir Panjal range to foment strife and tension in the Kashmir valley.

“This in-house innovation will help troops keep infiltration to near-zero level,” he said.


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