Saturday, October 3, 2015

China plans to reveal it's new Aircraft Carrier by end of this Year

China plans to reveal it's new Aircraft Carrier by end of this Year

     As per reports from Chinese media, China plans to launch a new aircraft carrier by end of this this year, during the Mao Zedong's birth anniversary, details of the Chinese aircraft carrier program unveiled many times, however there is no proper evidences to claim the carrier's construction, recent satellite images found China constructing a new carrier in Dailan shipyard north of China, they completed the hull of the ship, which looks like different from normal commercial ships, and looks like a aircraft carrier's hull, IHS Janes also confirms the same, they first analyzed the satellite picture earlier this year, which shows some doubts whether it's a carrier or an commercial oil tanker, and new satellite images confirms it's the base of Chinese Ingenious carrier.

    The satellite pictures also gives clear input of speedy construction of the Carrier, they almost completed the Hull, and preparing to build the flight deck, the Ship's shape almost identical to the Chinese first carrier liaoing,  it's length and width too, scale calculations suggest the ship length is  some 240 meter, and still in construction, so it's clear the ship length can be increased upto some 300 meter, which is normal carriers length.

    China started studying Aircraft carrier development program by early 1985, they bought a ex Australian aircraft carrier for scrapping, before scrapping the Ship, Chinese Engineers and officers almost analyzed the Ship's capability, they almost explored the ship's steam catapult launching system, arresting mechanism and mirror landing guidance system.many western experts suggests that Chinese naval officials almost rip off some equipment from the carrier, to make a indigenous carrier later.

    And China bought two more Soviet carriers, and displayed as a Museum, however it's not under the government hand, A Chinese businessman bought this carrier via South Korean company, and it's still on display, another ex Soviet navy Aircraft carrier currently in China, as a floating luxury hotel, It's clear before serving into civilian leisure, Chinese Navy officials explored complete ship and gathered complete information, which help them to build future carrier.

     The First Operational Chinese carrier is the Liaoning, The Chinese Navy almost given new life to the Ex Varyag carrier, the Ship is much older and almost a show piece only, during the transit from Ukraine to China, It almost close to Sunk off the Greek Coast, however the tug boats managed to save the Carrier, China refurbished the carrier and successfully conducted sea trails and inducted into the Navy, Still many questions remains about the capability of the carrier.

     By coming to the new carrier, as per calculations it's same like the liaoning, displacing same tonnage and characteristics, however it's believed they can add some modern navigation and surveillance systems in the new carrier, like their modern AESA Radar named Type 348, which is already fitted into the  Chinese front line destroyers like Type 052 D, new digital control systems, and adding more numbers of SAM missiles. It's clear that China may use the same Ski Jump technology to launch the aircraft, because no one willing to give the steam catapult, even more they don't have assisted launching aircraft, the Su 33 and it's clone J 15 can work as a Ski Jumper only, thus reduce the range of the Fighter jet. and no option of using heavy aircraft like on board AEWCS plane or cargo planes like E 2 or C 1.

     It's a known fact that China may  unveil it's carrier very soon, however it's took another three to four years to complete the sea trails and aircraft launching and arresting trails, China can fast track the process, since they get enough training from the Liaoning carrier. as per Chinese media they plans to induct the new carrier in the PLA before 2019, at the same year they also mulls to build another new carrier in Dailan shipyard.

   They Ship identified as Type 001 A, and a STOBAR carrier based on the Liaoning model, able to carry Su 33 based J 15, and some reports suggests they plans use the J 31 fifth generation fighter  onboard the carrier.

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