Friday, October 2, 2015

Building Nuclear Attack Submarines SSN in India

Building Nuclear Attack Submarines SSN in India

    India Exploring options to build six new nuclear attack submarines in Indian shipyards, with private and foreign helps, three nations already jumped-in to join the project, earlier Reliance talked with several Russian Submarine builders to build the same in Reliance shipyards in India, and now Indian officials initiated talks with French and American ship builders, India plans build those sub marines under Make in India plan, along with private support, cabinet committee cleared the Navy's proposal of building those submarines in India earlier this year, as part of the program Navy starts moving with the Project.

    Reliance is too much taking advantage of Indian ship building sector, earlier they acquired Indian private shipyard Piavav, they also hired Navy's ex vice admiral  HS Malhi, to lead the Reliance's move on defense sector, as Initial plans they signed many deals with Russians include Kilo class submarines overhauling works, seized some projects from UAE, and more on, however their main target is winning the Navy's SSN bid, before other announcing their interests in the SSN Project, Reliance officials went to Russia and talked with Russian officials about the Indian SSN Project,

    Unlike Missile launching Submarines, the Nuclear attack submarines are more complex, in terms of designing and developing, those SSN can capable to defend the Carrier Groups much longer time, can stay deep in the water, to search both underwater and surface targets, chase enemy subs, launching attacks, and many other combat duties, India has the technology of constructing missile submarines, Arihant is an good example, of course Russians helped in several key issues to achieve victory in the ATV program.

    However, India isn't matured to build a good diesel attack submarine, the current P 75 is constructed with the Help of French Shipbuilder DCNS, DRDO also closely working to install the home made fuel cell based AIP system in the last two Scorpion Class submarine, also exploring foreign help to build future diesel submarines under P 75 I project, under these two projects Navy plans to induct some twelve new Submarines, which also replaces all Kilo and HDW class submarines currently operated by Indian Navy.

    After the P 75 project, Navy needs the Nuclear attack boats, countries like blue water Navy's already having Nuclear attack submarines, even China too operates such attack boats, to speed up Indian Navy's options to get such capability by 2025, Navy needs to work from now.

    It's reported by Economic times, US recently dispatched a Team from major US Submarine builders and they met Indian defense ministry officials and Naval officers, the meeting held early July this year, due to the sensitivity of the Program, Government keep those news and discussion as classified,
    The same such meetings also held with French officials, the meeting is much classified, even french DCNS officials too denied to talk about the Program, The French currently constructing six nuclear attack submarines under the code name of Barracuda, meanwhile french also pitching the Indian Officials  to select the SMX Ocean for P 75 I project, however no clear info about this project. currently French naval team closely working with Brazil to construct a nuclear powered Boat, however it's not a pure SSN or SSBN, since it's a modified Diesel boat with Nuke propulsion.

   Earlier It's reported that, India may lease another nuclear attack boat from Russia, the discussions is still going on, it may be cleared during the Modi's visit to Russia end of this year, some sources mentioned that India may tries to buy the Yasen's blueprints via Reliance defense,and India currently operates a Akula class submarine for Fleet escort, which is given by the Russian as a ten year lease contract.

    Nuclear attack boats are one of the crucial projects to every nations, Since it almost a game changer in every Naval battle, and It's clear either the Russian or American or the French won't give their latest technology, however India may get options to explore preceded class submarines from those nations, like French Rubis class, American Sea wolf or Los Angeles class, and Russian Akula class submarines, also constructing and maintaining Nuclear submarine takes billions of dollars, more than $2 billions needed to construct a single modern nuclear attack boat, also these submarines needs some $30-$50 millions every year for maintenance and operating.

   So due to such concerns, India may slowly step in to the elite SSN club, India plans to operate some three Carrier group along with four Amphibious strike group, each of the invasion group needs at least a single SSN for under water missions.

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