Saturday, September 5, 2015

Russia Deployed it's troop in Syria to oust ISIS

Russia Deployed it's troop in Syria to oust ISIS

  Some sources reported that Russia starts deploying it's armed forces into Syria to help Assad from Sunni based Al Nusara and the ISIS, as of now the Syrian government forces loosing it's grounds to  Rebel forces or the ISIS, most or half of the Syrian territory is under control of ISIS, as they not only capturing grounds, they kills peoples and destroys historical buildings, most of the ISIS held place earlier under Syrian Rebel forces aka the FSA, when the ISIS comes in huge numbers they eventually withdrew from the captured grounds.

    From the beginning of civil war Russia and Iran always gives their hands to Syria and Assad to continue the offensive till now, It's clear the Russians are in Syrian Military bases who giving instructions to the Syrian Forces to fight against the FSA, not only advising, they assist in maintaining those Russian made military tanks and other support systems, which include the old Russian made Combat Jets like Su 24 fencer and the Mig 21, which was used to drop chemical bombs over Syrian civilians and Free Syrian Army Militia's.

   Last week many Reports suggests that Russia delivers four MiG 31 Interceptors to Syria, Russians denied such delivery, however it's believed that they are already arrived into Syria and may be operational, Those MiG 31 used for nothing but helps the Syrian forces to fight against the Israeli's, who performing special combat missions inside Syria, to cut the Syrian military Supply's to Hezbullah Terrorists, Hezbullah is a Shia Terrorism, who supports the Shia Government in Syria the Assad Regime, however they attacks Israel from Syrian Controlled Golan heights, months ago, Hezbullah attacked and Kills two Israeli solders with anti tank missiles,

    The Reports about Russian activity in Syria reported near Latakia port, that's the major port under control by the Syrian forces, also the Russian resupply also comes through the port, Russians also setup-ed a small Military base there commonly known as Listening post, where they can observe and providing security to the major Port,

   The Free Syrian Army Reportedly nearby to the Port, they were just some tens of miles away from the port, where Syrian forces and Rebels engaged in heavy fighting since week, a video footage from that conflict shown to Syrian state media SANA news agency, which showing some soldiers speaking in Russian, It's the first time since the Civil war Russian troops directly involved in the combat, this would be some reasons, at first the Syrian army slowly losing it's grounds to FSA and ISIS, also in Aleppo they facing two enemies, where also heavy fighting reported,

    So it might be the Russians who trying to safe guard their port falling to Rebel forces, which would be a major setback to Assad as well as Russia too, also some Ship spotters takes photographs of some unknown cargo filled in a Russian Landing ship which was entered Latakia just a days before, It's should be a second phase delivery of Russian BTR 82 A, the modern BTR used along with the Russian Forces in Syria, as photos appeared in Social media's days ago,

   As many military analysts thinks, the Russian deployment in Syria would be good If they were Fight against the ISIS, if they were fight against the early American sponsored FSA, then it should be a game changing, which US and it's allies may step into the Syrian Civil war, although some other reports mentioning, because of large number of refugees coming towards Turkey, so far nearly 2 million Syrian civilians gets asylum inside Turkey, and Turkey asking US and NATO allies to impose no fly zone in Syria, to stop feeling.

    The FSA also reported that, they saw Some Russian Combat Jets probably newly delivered MiG 31, along with many new surveillance drones, if NATO and US imposed no fly zone, and it would be the end of Civil war, because the Syrian Regime living with the help of it's air force and chemical bombs, as a small child from Syria found dead in Turkey beach which outrages all over the world, because of the Syrian Assad, more than five million of Syrian civilians gets asylum in nearby countries and another five million reportedly displaced, and some three lakhs of Civilian casualties,

So it would be very good if Russians starts fighting against the ISIS not against the Rebel forces.    


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