Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Republican candidate Trump : Believe in India

Republican candidate Trump : Believe in India

    The US Schedule to conduct the next round of Presidential election by next November, and the Campaign already started by two biggest parties who ruled America in the past, US has two biggest Parties, one is the Democratic party another is the Republicans, the famous presidents like George Bush, Nixon, Reagen are all Republicans, where Kennedy, Clinton Obama are all Democratic, both have huge difference's in their approach towards  foreign policy, Democratic always soft characters, the North Korean Nuke deal is the example, while Republicans are bit aggressive peoples, they are the one who waged war over Middle East.

     Same like Congress in India, Democratic are old fashioned peoples, they can keep their friendships with long standing ally's only, and never tried to establish new connection or expanding their interests, compared to Republicans, Democratic peoples love to keep the Pakistan friendship, how ever the Republicans are pro Indians and hate to make friendships with rouge Muslim nations and communists nations like Russia, China, North Korea, one of the recent example is Republican candidate Ben Carson, who is the director of Neurosurgery in America's famous hospital John Hopkins said that, I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,” he told host Chuck Todd. When asked if he believed Islam “is consistent with the Constitution,” Carson answered, “No, I don’t, I do not.”

   Unlike the Republican candidates, Democratic's were happy to join hands with islamic nations, The Iranian Nuke deal is the good example and soft stand in Ukrainian issue and South China sea issue, even the shocking news is once the French are ready to strike some Selected targets inside Syria, when more than 1500 civilians dead in a worst chemical bombing, however the Obama administration ordered the French do not step in the battle, and keep enjoyed more deaths of innocence civilians, also many US military officers and NATO countries urged Obama administration do not supply arms to Sunni militants, However the Democratic rejected the plea and join with KSA to supply arms and ammunition to Radical Islamist rebels in Syria.

    Donald Trump is the famous business man in America, who is a bright candidate from the Republican party, some other known candidates from the Republican party is Jeb Bush- son of ex president Bush, the known Rand Paul, and Indian origin Bobby Jindal too, Trump is more aggressive when comes to foreign policy, who also hates those radical Islamist controlled rough nations, and openly supported India's moves many times,

    In a recent interview about east Asia policy, Trump openly talked about Pakistan and compared it with North Korea, stating both nuclear nations are the threat to mankind, also he talked many things about Pakistan, include delivering freedom to Pakistan from the Air, just like how America provided freedom to Iraq and Afghan earlier, He also said US must move with India to Check Pakistan from every corner, Trump also sounded Pakistan is the most dangerous country along with Iran and North Korea, peoples must accept the Iranian regime runs by radical shia extremists, who always threaten to destroy US and Israel, the only reason they hates Pakistan is, its a Sunni majority nation. and there is no doubt both the Shia and Sunni extremists are same.

    As a known truth also revealed by Trump is, US can send it's ground troops into Pakistan to seize the Pakistani nuclear weapons, if the situation becomes worse, he also said that DPRK is openly threaten America while Pakistan working behind the closed doors, Trump says in the interview he will not reveal his military plans against Pakistan, he says Pakistan can guess what I mean, there is only one country in the world who is working very closely to seize the Pakistani nuclear is Israel, they plans to strike the Pakistani nukes several times, however they never tried, which means they never withdraw their plans, If times comes good Israel can do his mission,

    Israel is the only country in the world who heavily affected by the Islamic terrorism, earlier countries like Iraq and Syria almost closer to posses the Nuke weapons, however Israel bombed their dream, Pakistan is the only other Muslim nation with nukes, where Iran almost closer to producing  the nuke weapons. Israel tried several times to bomb the Iranian facilities, however the soften democratic leaders from the US argued Israel do not move on.

    The Current US Indian relationship goes very smoothly, India want US to keep away from Pakistan, since US still helping his cold war ally, by supplying aid money along with weapons and fighter jets. and It would be good to see in future US may completely moves away from the Pakistan, which is good to Both India and Israel, It's high time that many American loves the Indians and slowly hates the Pakistani radical extremism, with new Regime in US by Next year could make India way very closer to America.

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