Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Opportunities, Israeli comes closer to Indian Aerospace Sector

New Opportunities, Israeli comes closer to Indian Aerospace Sector

    Major Israeli aerospace companies like Elta, IAI and Rafeal is keen to build partnership with Indian companies to explore the opportunities of Indian defense need and make Indian Manufacturing units as a Global export hub's.however those companies already makes joint ventures with Indian Companies and already involved in major aerospace projects, the DRDO- IAI joint project of Barak Missile is the best example, which was the major first line of defensive missile system in both Ships and land based systems.

     IAI the Israeli Aerospace Industries is one of the major Israeli defense company, which is owned by the Israeli state government, who is a master in aerospace, with numerous amount of small to long endurance of UAV's and Sensor fusion systems, Naval systems and missiles, India and IAI signed first contract of Supplying AEWCS radar to the modified Il 78, which was carried out by another IAI subsidiary Elta, after the successful delivery, IAF went more deals with the Israeli IAI, the Griffin LGB kits are the most important deal which can convert a unguided bomb and high precession guided bomb, which was effectively used in the Kargil war.

     On the other front, DRDO and IAI signed a co project to develop a long range anti missile SAM system, specially for the Naval ships, the project almost in finishing condition, where DRDO supplied rocket motors and acquisition systems, and Israeli's works on the seeker, the Missile successfully tested against live target,and Israel already employed Barak 8 in their latest Sa'ar class corvette's, and India soon to get those missile's in latest Kolkata class destroyers, after the successful tests and performance Army and Air force jumped into the Projects and asks land based Barak systems dubbed by MR-SAM, which is also in pipeline,

   Not only those, India operating nearly seven IAI build Super Dovra fast attack boats, and IAI assisted the Indian's to develop the cannon launched guided missile which is incorporated into Arjun Tanks, the Israeli's allows the Indians to reverse engineer the LAHAT missile.

    And now IAI is keen to build many variants of small to hale UAV's  in India with a private partner,  and supply those systems to Indian armed forces in low costs and by selling it foreign customers to make higher profit, which also boost the Indo Israeli ties too.

   Rafael is the another company who also involved in major Indian Defense projects,  which is also a state owned company, who involved in missile projects, India had a good relation with the Rafael with the induction of SpyDer SAM system, Python and Derby air to Air missiles and many more, Rafael is one of the top Israeli company who keen to part of the Make in India program,  Recently Israeli Rafael and Indian Kalyani created a Joint company in India to produce missile and armor protection systems for main battle Tanks, however the JV mainly focus the Spike Anti tank missile production in India, where Indian Army earlier shortlisted the Spike missile to supply more than 300 firing units and more than thousands of Missiles.

   The Rafael Kalyani not only looking for production they planning to  missile integration and some other technical works in the Fighter jets and missile systems, which can work with the Existing radar, they they are competing network centric system which can connect all field systems into the operational command center.

    Elta is famous for Radar systems, that the known green pine radar and the birth of Indian Long range Tracking Radar, whose is the heart of Indian Ballistic missile defense program, Elta is partially owned by the IAI, most of the Radar systems currently being operated by Indian forces is from Elta, Elta not only supply's the Systems, they allows the Indians' to study about the system and make their own in India, the Air force's known Arudhra Radar comes from EL/M-2084 multi mode radar, who is currently mass produced by Indian LRDE, who is replacing older french built Radar systems in India. 

   Elta too plans to Build a manufacturing plant in India, to make it India as a global hub for exporting, as simply R&D labs in Israel and technological expertise from Israel, and the Manufacturing happens in India, a very good innovative way to succeed in Business and cooperation.

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