Monday, September 28, 2015

More Talwar Class Frigates for Indian Navy

More Talwar Class Frigates for Indian Navy

    Indian Navy plans to buy three more new Talwar class frigates from Russia through Reliance Defense, which was earlier planned for Russian Navy, those three ships are almost completed without having the engine/power plant, due to the Ukrainian issue, they denied to supply the Zorya gas turbine engines to Russia, So Russia has no plans either scrap the Ships or transfer to Friendly country's who maintain peace with both Russia and Ukraine, Earlier Russia openly offered the Ships to India, however Navy plans for future induction with P 17 A project.

   The Indian Private player Reliance defense, plans to buy the Ships from Russia and Engines from Ukraine to integrate both in his own shipyard Pipavav Ship building, which is partially owned by Reliance defense, It's believed either India or some other Navy would buy the Ship from Reliance, the price also comes very cheap, because of zero interests from foreign Navy's, Those Russian frigates are much complicated to operate, need huge maintenance costs, however Indian Navy has no problems since it operates six Talwar class frigates, Navy already modernized the Ships for their needs by adding Brahmos and AK 630 missile systems.

    Compared to the Older Talwar Frigates, the new frigates comes with vertical launching Shtil Missiles, the older Talwar class comes with arm launching Shtil missiles, which can launch one missile every 10+ seconds only, however the VLS allows multiple missile launch in quick time to engage multiple threats simultaneously, the Talwar class comes with two AK 630 for close defense system, some of the Indian Talwars have two Khastan based CIWS for last line of defense, India already moved or inked a contract with Russia to upgrade all existing Arm based Shtil missiles into Vertical launch mechanism.

    The Russian Talwars comes with Klub supersonic anti shipping cruise missiles, which is a drawback, where Navy plans to use the Brahmos missiles in all of it's Navy Ships in coming days, that's the major reason why Navy earlier rejected it, the Klub missiles used by earlier variants of Indian Talwars too, however the same was replaced with Brahmos in last three Talwars, the Ships can fire those anti shipping missile through it's vertical launchers for saturation attacks,

     The Frigates major mission is escort other naval vessels and aircraft carrier, so the Frigate could comes with decent anti air capability's and anti submarine capabilities, the Ship has the Shtil and AK 630 for Anti air missions, However it's not considered best in modern battlefield, since the scenario  changed with more variety of anti missiles systems, like Long Range Missiles, Short range quick reaction missiles, and CIWS support, India yet to comes in the best category, while the P 15 B class destroyers were comes with such capacities comprising Barak Long range missile, Maitri Short range missile and AK 630 or Phalnx for CIWS support.

   The Talwar's anti submarine capability, comes with variety of options, the whole system known as RPK 8, which includes RBU series of Rocket launchers, Talwar uses twin RBU 6000 launchers, each comes with 12 barrels, the Rocket launchers can launch anti submarine rockets which can detonate under the sea, the tested depth is somewhere near to 1000 meters, with having the range of some 4 kilometers, which is a much safer distance to engage a maneuvering Submarine, the same launcher can also drop depth charges triggered with time or depth, The Talwar can also fire heavy 533 mm Torpedo's, each Talwar comes with four launchers,

    Talwar comes with main Sonar in the Bow, and also carries towed sonar array's to search submarines from stand off distance, the entire system controlled by one finger with the use of Granit designed Purga fire control system, which gives a ultimate edge to the Talwars class frigates in anti submarine fighting capability, the Ship also can carry and coordinate with Ka 28 anti submarine helicopter, which can increase the range of Ship's ASW capability, the same methods are used in almost all front line Naval destroyers and  frigates,

    The Indian Navy has a plan to operate three dedicated Carrier Battle Group and four Amphibious assault group by 2030, the vision already set to achieve the Blue water capability, each of the Battle groups comprises three Destroyers, five frigates/corvette along with two or more Nuclear or Diesel electric submarines, along with support ships, the Navy has three Kolkata Class destroyers, four Vizag class Destroyers, and three Delhi class Destroyers, Navy need 12 more Modern Destroyers before 2030, also in Frigates and Corvette's Navy operates and Building some Six P 17 A class, Six plus three Talwar frigates, three Shivalik's and three Brahmaputra's, and four Komarta class corvette's, and Navy need another ten frigates to achieve the goal.

   Many sources from Navy quoting that Navy might buy those Ships comes via Reliance, however even if the Navy or government denies the Acquisition, Reliance can sell those ships to foreign countries which gives them high profit, It's a good chance to Navy they might buy those Talwar's. 

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