Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Is that so simple Anti Satellite Missile

Is that so simple Anti Satellite Missile

   Recently some Indian media sounded about the DRDO's path finding of developing Anti satellite missile using modified Agni 5 missile, and thinks it's very easy to achieve such capability, currently only two countries tested, and some others also have such capability, India started it's anti satellite project early 2010, so far no concrete results, there is several kind of anti satellite mechanism, DRDO follows ground based ballistic missiles as it's entry towards anti satellite capability,

   There is very less probability of achieving a satellite kill using ground based ballistic missile, because they were positioned in far high altitude and travel very high speed, the earth rotation also pose heavy resistance during the interception, one more is the satellite is relatively very small in size, and it's very difficult to spot it and direct the missile steer towards the target, mostly the ballistic missile can go up to the height of some 600 to 1000 km, where the low orbital mini satellites positioned some 1500 kilometers above,

    With this range one can attack satellites used for communication and Satellite based SAR systems, however there is less chance or only science fiction that destroying a navigational or X Band communication satellites, which are placed at some 20,000 kilometers above from the sea level, India's long range Missile Agni 5 reached the height of some 600 kilometers during the last test, modifying the Agni to reach 1000 to 1500 is possible, however the satellite tracking and using the Kill vehicle is most complex technology,

    Most military satellites can rotate the earth at the speed of some 10,000 kilometers per hour, It's very hard to maneuver the  Ballistic missile to target the Satellite, The need of Kill vehicle can be used, the Kill vehicle act as a robot that can strike the Target once it was launched from the missile near to the Satellite for high probability kill, most of the Nations uses Kill vehicles, the same tech used in ballistic missile interceptions,

    Americans are the masters in Space tech no doubt, However in 2007 China successfully carried out a anti satellite missile test, by destroying his own satellite by using their Ballistic missile, the missile was a modified DF 21 short range ballistic missile, modified with a kill vehicle which incorporated imaging infrared seeker IIR, the same seeker used in most missiles to destroy enemy fighter jets. the target satellite orbits some 1000 km above from the sea level, and the kill vehicle performed direct hit, the kill vehicle accelerated his speed at some 25,000 kilometer per hour to kill the satellite, Chinese is the second country who tested such capability,

    There is a another simple method where most foreign nations using is, making their own satellite as a suicide attacker to attack enemy satellite, a better kill probability than all others, Russians, Chinese and many more tried this, while Russia has some 1000 satellites in the Orbit where China has some 100 and India has some fifty, the collision successful means the strike is good, if no means the attack satellite may be out of control, once it deviated from the designated path, India confirmed that they will not do such actions in the Space, there is some international treaty  also there to prevent such suicide attacks in the space.

    Most technologically developed nations like America and Israel uses it's fighter based missile to attack enemy satellites the same method also can be used to launch Satellites in the orbit, so far only Israel and the US has such most critical technology, the Americans already demonstrated it earlier 1990, and It's believed that Israel also has such technologies, once the Russians plans to use their MiG 31 armed with long range high speed missiles to attack mini satellites in the space, however they dropped the plan and moved into space based defense systems. and the Israeli's and Americans used the F 15, two years ago Israel launched a Ballistic Rocket using it's fighter jets, whose actual target or mission information's are highly classified, and there is no way or needs more than a decades to create such technology in India,

   Satellite based weapon is something like Armed Satellites which have Missiles or laser cannon's to destroy the enemy satellite's in the orbit, the known space based weaponizing issue, however it's believed nations like P5 already deployed such satellites in the space armed with weapons, this is the most trusted technology, where your own satellite can launch missile whenever it required, it can be deployed anywhere in the orbit, even can capable to destroy enemy navigational satellite's too, while India need decades to catch up such technologies,

   India may fast track the Agni based Missile for ASAT capability, that can be enough to keep low level ASAT deterrence against Chinese.      

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