Monday, September 14, 2015

India destroys Chinese Watch tower near DBG

India destroys Chinese Watch tower near DBG

   Combined team from Indian Army and Indo Tibet Border Police commando's destroys a Chinese built small watch tower inside Indian Territory, which leads a small deployment of force and stand off between  Indian and Chinese Forces, the Chinese made many attempts to breach the line of actual control, earlier in 2013 they camped inside Indian Territory, later the incident was solved by diplomatic relations, to ease the tensions between Indian and Chinese patrol Both of them set up flag meeting to resolve minor disputes themselves,

   When ever there is a incursion happens, both of them calls for a flag meeting to ease the tensions, also they conduct regular talks to stop the Chinese adventures cross border patrols, the Indian Chinese borders are not fenced or marked, they follows the earlier stone signs to identify their lands, as of 2015 there were nearly 150 such attempts were foiled by Indian forces when Chinese tries to enter Indian lands.

   Recently when the ITBP patrols near the Line of actual control, they found a small temporary camp/watch tower  inside Indian territory and found that was constructed by the Chinese to observe Indian Positions and movements, ITBP forces informed about this incident to the ITBP Base commander, and base commander informs the same to Indian Army's Northern command, both of them send normal message to the Chinese field commander about the incident and asks for a flag meeting

   The Indian side waited for the Chinese to start the dialogues, they never came, when the wait is over, The Army's northern command and ITBP's Daulat Beg Oilde command send a team to destroy the Chinese Construction, within a minutes the Army and ITBP Commands destroys the Chinese construction and plans to move their respected bases,

   Within a matter of time some hundred plus fully armed Chinese men entered inside Indian land and inspects the destroyed construction, Army and ITBP informed about the incident to the troop commander and shouted " Chinese Please go away from Indian Land ". The Indian Army too deployed some fully armed combat Team from Mountain division, both of them face off each other for  some hours, and Indian Army spotted fast moving vehicles from Chinese side, and Thinks Chinese massing their build up, so Indian Army command also readies it's combat vehicles from Daulat Base,

   However the inbound vehicles come and pickup those Chinese troops and fled away from the scene,  once they vacated the area, Army also moved out from the scene and ITBP continued their regular patrol,

   Nearby LAC, China had some two operational bases Just miles away from the LAC, where Indian's have one large base in Daulat Beg oldie with an operational Air strip, earlier IAF lands it's Hercules special operation plane in that landing strip, such facilities not available in Chinese side, however the base is some 20 miles away from the border, the soldiers construct temporary camps to patrol the border 24x7, the Chinese bases too situated some 20 miles away from the border, they too build temporary camps to conduct Patrols, and sometimes they build those camps inside India, that's the major reason behind the face off.

   The Line of Actual control is regularly patrolled by the  Indian Army and  the ITBP commando's, where Army's Northern command located in Leh, where massive Indian Army is deployed and they were ready to be moved nearby borders within a hour.

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