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China concern about growing India USA Relation

China concern about growing India USA Relation

   As the new government sworn in Delhi last year, they took the Chinese threat very seriously, and planning to counter each and every action taken by the Chinese, not only in Eastern Borders, India plans to counter China in Indian Ocean and South China sea too, The NDA government also mulls it's partnership with US very closer, the major aspect is the military cooperation, building strong relationship with US makes China forced to quit some counter moves in Border area's, as recently India allowed some US military group to search Arunachal area to find the lost B 24 in WW2, The same request was denied by the UPA government many times, due to the Chinese pressure.

   After 26/11, The US government openly supported India to take military actions against Pakistani Militants in PoK, which brings the US government approach to New Delhi much softer, the US relation may focus the Pakistani agenda first, however later it was turned into Chinese medium, as in 2013 when Chinese camped inside India, which shows China slowly backing it's old tactics to grab Indian Land, also openly said India Should accept Arunachal as dispute territory and Tibet is integral part of China, the UPA government almost accepted that deal with Chinese warmongering tones,

   Once the NDA government takes the Capital, they move into different strategy, making closer ties with USA to counter China, also the US think tanks who reports the US Congress also shows favor to Indian moves against China, by inking many military contracts and joint exercises,

    The US president once said that, It's would be good to see Indian interest to counter Chinese growing threat in Indian Ocean and South China sea, and US will support Indian moves against growing Chinese influence, also He said India too looking US as a good partner to counter  Chinese aggressive maneuvers in East Asia, India also agreed to sign a joint statement with USA chiding Beijing for provoking conflict with neighbors over control of the South China Sea. He suggested reviving a loose security network involving the United States, India, Japan and Australia.

    At first, the growing interest in Naval Exercise, India and US together working to expand the annual Malabar exercise into new level by participating large number of warships from Both countries, and extending the Period, also allowing Japan as a Permanent member of this Joint exercise, the exercise takes place in Bay of Bengal, which draws major attention from China, China openly shows it's concern of US warships in Bay of Bengal, and this Malabar edition involves much number of warships from US and Japan, with Nuclear attack submarines and Air Craft carriers.

   Another event is, Recently India allows a US military team to search lost WW 2 B 24 bomber in Arunachal, earlier the same request was denied by the UPA government after China pressured India to not allow US Military personnel's close to the border, China claims the territory of Arunachal Pradesh for itself and several of the crash sites are close to the border, however the new government rejected the Chinese plea and allows the US team to explore the crash site.

    The Joint Military exercise Yudh Abhyas, is held every year in US or India, to validate the mutual interest in war fighting capability, the exercise which started in 2004 under US Army Pacific partnership program. This exercise will strengthen and broaden interoperability and cooperation between both the Armies and complement a number of other exchanges between the two forces.this year's Yudh Abhyas was conducted in Washington involving Indian Kumon regiment and US Army's first corps.

    The Indian and US team set up a Joint maritime Naval ship design bureau, which can help Indian Navy to build it's first Super carrier with the help from US Navy, the design aspects comes from US navy's latest Ford class super carrier, and India also plan to build the carrier with electro magnetic launching system which can launch heavier fighter Jets from the carrier deck.

   Vajra Prahar is another special operation exercise conducted by US and Indian Special forces, the first series of exercise commenced early 2012 in Himalaya's, however later years the exercise called off, and recently the US Ambassador Richard verma says that, Our bilateral Special Forces exercise VAJRA PRAHAR will resume again in January 2016 for the first time since 2012.  This is the tempo of a defense relationship between two forces determined to forge a new level of cooperation, and breaking down historical barriers to do so.

   Ambassador Verma also mentions Indian interest to join the Red Flag exercise again, as Earlier said IAF will send it's fighter jets to participate the next edition of famous Red flag exercise, 

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