Friday, September 4, 2015

Army Chief Sounds Troops operational Preparedness

Army Chief Sounds Troops operational Preparedness

   The Army Chief of Staff Gen Dalbir Singh says that Indian Army must be ready for a Short war, which will happens anytime, same like Kargil, Pakistan may plans to infiltrate Indian Positions along north and west Borders, Army Chief said this during a celebration event of 1965 war Anniversary, currently being celebrated all over India.

   Chief addressed about the recent developments along the Line of Control, more number of Terrorists infiltrations and ceasefire violations with false claiming actually denotes a Hybrid warfare, something like unofficially declared war, those violations are something more compared to previous times, So it's need to be Army should be ready for a short war, If something like Kargil happens in coming days.

    The Pakistani's are more aggressive these days, ceasefire violations by using heavy weapons, and assisting Terrorists to infiltrate into India, at the mean time the Government sounds about the  nuclear weapons, and their officials alarming heavy retaliations in case of any strike, after the cross border raid in Myanmar, Pakistan is so worried about the same can be happens inside Pakistan too, as many Military watchers said India has the capability take control of the Pakistani air space and perform such air raid or special operation inside Pakistan, that's also put heavy pressure on Pakistani faces.

   So far the Borders are under control by the Border Security forces, who foils terror infiltrations and retaliating the ceasefire violations, the Army called in only if any terrorists activity reported, and they too patrol nearby Borders and closed zones, as recent violations, Army beefed up more patrols near borders, however they never involved in the ceasefire retaliations,

    The Army Chief also says the Army is in high alert as of now, and can be mobilized to borders with in short time, and the entire North and western Military head quarters can mobilize the entire Troops near to border within three to four days, means the forces can be deployed near borders with full swing, Army alone will not comes, they comes with bigger fire power from small mortars to heavy artillery and Rockets, the western command alone has some five plus armored Brigades, equipped with  T 72 Tanks, Pinaka Multi Barrel Rockets etc, Army Mobility or deployments means they can hold the deployed positions for the coming sixty or more days, while many of them say this is the so Called Indian Army's Cold Start Doctrine,

    Cold Start doctrine is a never acknowledged doctrine used by the Indian Army, which means deploying the Mass number of Indian Army Soldiers and support systems near to border within 72 Hours, and they can start a major offensive operation against the Pakistani Forces once they get go orders, however Chief does not disclose about army deployment near border so far, or any other media's or Sources reported that, however It's clear Army is in High preparedness mode, and can be mobilized in very short time.

   Currently most of the Kashmiri area's are under the watch of Rashtriya Rifle Forces, they were something like special forces, they were called in for any kind of  terrorists attacks or infiltration attempts  in Kashmir, and the regular Indian Army Troops conducts patrols as part of their designated area's. 

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