Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Should India build a Heavy Destroyer

Why Should India build a Heavy Destroyer

  By looking the current Naval destroyers like Kolkata Class and Vishakapatinam class, those two lacks of formidable punch, makes less powerful in comes of defensive and offensive fire power, compared to western, pacific and American destroyers , the Indian Navy destroyers are less destructive fire power, Destroyer like Chinese Type 52 series and Russian  destroyers comes with heavy fire power, compared to the newest Indian destroyers.

   The Kolkata not only has less destructive fire power also lacks good numbers of anti air missiles, with the weight of 7200 Tons Kolkata can't carry more number of Missiles Launching paltforms, where it's counterparts comes with 10,000 tons of full load, So adding more weights for structural changes and carrying more ammunition and launching systems,

    The Kolkata comes with just 16 Brahmos cruise missiles, Brahmos is most trusted and finest supersonic cruise missile having both anti shipping and land attack capability, for both mission Brahmos carry's High explosive warheads to make much damage to the target, the Kinetic energy is enough to penetrate the Ship's hull and Super structure, for modern warfare, the ships won't die suddenly if it takes one Brahmos hit, most Chinese warships are heavily defended by variety of defensive systems, for better Results Ripple firing two or more Brahmos only makes good score, to  make sure the target ship is out of action,

   If Kolkata fires two missiles per target means, the ship suddenly looses it's teeth for sometimes or mostly a hour, until reloading completes, usually the reloading takes more than 50 minutes to makes the new missiles are ready to fire, the same goes for others too,  but they have less powerful missiles compared to Brahmos, even they were too capable to make the Kolkata as a floating iron, So it's needed to be future Destroyers should equip more anti shipping missiles and land attacking missiles, a combined Nirbhay and Brahmos at 16+16 cells makes the Destroyer more powerful in terms of striking range and Striking Power.

   However the real power of the American and Japanese ships are defensive capability, with the geographical positions the countries used the Ships to defend the mainland from external threats, means the Destroyer ships are their true defensive platform, comes with good number of anti ballistic missiles and warning systems, makes the ships and country more safer in terms of enemy attacks,

   Mostly in terms Frigates are used for escort purpose, which have full set of defensive capabilities, which used to protect the package from Air and underwater threats, however nowadays all such definitions are expired, now most of them builds multi role destroyer ships, which having less destructive fire power but comes with good number of anti air missiles,

   Probably, the defensive system comprises of Anti Ballistic defensive system, Long range anti air missiles, Short range quick reaction missile systems, and finally the Close in weapon system,  those countries uses multiple numbers of Anti ballistic missiles like SM series, mostly those comes with more than 64 such missiles, to intercept and destroy enemy Ballistic missile which came towards the mainland, makes the interception easier, and the missile debris also fell in the water. for long range anti missile system they uses the evolved sea sparrow missile system, which having range of more than 50 kilometers, used to protect the ships from enemy anti shipping missiles,

   Here India uses the Barak missiles, the newest Destroyers comes with 32 ready to fire Barak 8 missiles to intercept any kind of enemy Anti ship missiles, but the Indian Ships lacks of the QR SAM's , but navy planned to use the Indo French SR SAM Maitri in future ships, makes the Ships good against all kind of maneuvering targets, Foreigners use the Rolling Air frame missiles for the Short range interception, mostly those Short range missiles are fire and forget type and a spin off variant of Air to Air Missiles, most western Ships uses the AIM 9X spin off variant, and the Chinese uses the PL 12 missiles, The Maitri also a spin off variant of MICA missile.

   The Last line of Ship's defensive power is the cannon, most navy's uses 6 barrel 20mm or 30mm  gun system, each can rain more than 4000 rounds of bullets into the incoming enemy missile, those CIWS comes stand alone systems, means when it's activated it can destroy any kind of close targets, the Kolkata has four AK 630 CIWS systems.

  So far the Newest Indian Destroyers lacks of good number of offensive missiles, and zero numbers of QR SAM, where both can be sorted in upcoming destroyers,

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