Monday, August 24, 2015

Rafale deal Countdown T-8 Days

Rafale deal Countdown T-8 Days

    Days ago, England based Reuters published a Article, citing some french sources said, India and France ink the Rafale fighter jet deal in ten days, as from years months and soon dates, it's now the new deadline is set as next 10 days, as already two days over. The Rafale deal is not as much as difficult, However IAF insists the Ministry to buy large number of Fighters include local productions, IAF plans to use the Rafale as a test platform too, with the easy modifications in Rafale IAF can test new missiles and Bombs using the Rafale from various altitude, to modify the Rafale IAF needs the Intellectual property rights, thus can be done only by the Transfer of Technology or the Make in India kind of Contract,

   The same sources could not revealed what kind of deal it is, as PM modi announced in Paris, that India buy only 36 Rafale as fly away mode or a Government to government deal, The IAF out of words, Since the Indian Nuclear command named Strategic forces Command also insists the IAF to transfers one squadron of Rafale to use Nuclear attack missions, so far it's believed the SFC have One Jaguar and Su 30 MKI squadron for Nuke delivery, while they plans to replace the Jaguars with Rafale Fighters, without IP rights  SFC could not use the Nuclear Bomb/Missiles in Rafale, also IAF wants the Astra should be used in the Rafale, since it's was in development and integration stages on Tejas and Su 30 MKI,

    Rafale comes with two BVR Missiles one is long range MICA EM and other is  Ultra long Range Meteor BVR AAM, how ever if India buys the Rafale in G-G mode, India can use only those missiles, and already certified French made Air to Ground Missiles, However India almost has handful of many kind of Munition projects, from small Guided PGM's to long range Cruise missiles, to integrate those missiles in newer platform India should need the IP rights,

    If India signs the 36 only Rafale Deal, India needs to invest very large amount in the Rafale deal only for Munitions, The Rafale is pure multi role, so need of Multiple Air to Air missiles and Ground missiles is much needed, although if IAF forced to give those half a numbers to SFC, then the IAF gets  very less Rafale's only,

    Although France almost setups a huge infrastructures in India to manufacture the Rafale, the recent Snecma Joint venture with Indian Maz Aerospace is an small Example, So it's expected the deal could be more numbers, as many defense analysts and former Air force officials saying the same the 36 numbers could be increased because of the Air forces Requirement of more than 90 Aircraft's in same category, as recently Indian Government backed Saab Gripen offers the same to IAF, Americans comes with Scorpion and F 16 IN offers, However IAF neglects all such deals and Sticks with the Rafale only for all the above mentioned Aspects,

    IAF not only need some 90+ Rafale Jets, they need more than 200 Light Combat Aircraft, to replace those old MiG Series, as some News reports emerges India could scrap the LCA, However IAF always favor to the LCA, only large number of LCA along with Rafale only pose a series deterrence against the large Chinese  Air force.

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