Friday, August 7, 2015

Lessons from Yemen war

Lessons from Yemen war

  The Arabs successfully completed the Air campaign in Yemen, and now they moving the ground units for final assault on enemy positions, by looking How Saudi Successfully destroyed strategic ground targets without losing any air crafts in the Combat, Truth is most of the Yemeni Air forces and Air defense units are out of actions, due to lack of spare parts and maintenance, also their Air defense  networks also out of action except some manpad units and AAA batteries, so The Arab Air forces easily gets the Air superiority in Yemeni airspace within the 24 hours of first strike, plus the  intelligence support from US and Saudi Special forces,

   Before the Strike, the Saudi Air force used the RE 3A ELINT plane to conduct large surveillance mission across the Yemeni Soil, and acquired target positions and strategic points, at the mean time the Egyptian, US navy ships starts naval blockade along with the Saudi and GCC Navy's, by cutting Iranian Resupply to the Houthi Forces,  after getting some thousand of target co ordinates, the Saudi Air force Fighters like Typhoon and F 15 E Multi role Fighters starts bombing the pre designated targets, the Saudi forces flown above the AAA shells range to escape from the ground fire, also there is no reports of infrared homing Manpad strike against the Saudi fighters, It's believed that the defensive and electronic countermeasure systems in the advanced 4.5 generation fighters easily spoof the manpads.

    The Saudi Airforce First strike designated all strategic positions like Airports Runway, civil and military Radar networks, supply dumps and fuel Storage Tanks, because of small in size the Yemeni strategic positions are all destroyed in the first 24 hours, The Saudi's used the Tornodo Ground attack Strike Fighters along with F 15 E Fighter escorts, One F 15 E lost due to Mechanical malfunctions, and Crew rescued by the US Navy, another one Morocco  F 16 crashed in enemy zone and the pilot executed by the Houti's, This shows Saudi's are not willing to conduct Search rescue of Downed Pilots,

    After month of serious Bombing, now the small Arab state the UAE leads the Ground offensive by deploying large amount of latest AMX Lecrelc Main Battle Tanks, BMP 3 infantry Fighting vehicles and Large number of Mine protected vehicles for Troop transport, also the Saudi Special Forces deployed in the Airports to secure any Resupply coming from the friendlies, the Aden Port also under control by the Arabs, where the UAE Ships unloads the Cargo of Ground offensive Vehicles, but they didn't start the ground offensive till now, and still the Saudi Fighters Bombing some missed Houti positions.

   The Lesson from this warfare is simple, You need large amount of air to ground smart munitions to attack enemy positions, for that you need a good number of smart weapon stockpile and good launching platform, even if the Houti forces gets their hands in the Yemeni MiG 29, the Saudi's can easily shoots it down, because of Saudi's support planes, likes the E 3 sentry airborne control plane, even the E 3 can stay out of the Yemeni air space,but still it can scan entire Yemeni Airspace for activities,

    Also during the strike the Houthi forces managed to get the SCUD's missiles and launched several missiles into Saudi, nearly 80% of them intercepted by the Saudi patriot missile Batteries, but one or two hits the Saudi bases killing key commander, the Houti's don't have any chemical weapons if they have Chemical warheads then it's a major breakthrough if launched towards Saudi Positions,

    The Saudi's managed to fortified their Borders, which stops the Houti infiltrations into Saudi soil, But Houti managed to shell Saudi Border City Najran, damaging infrastructure and killing several Saudi and foreign workers.

    Till now the Saudi's attacked pre designated Target positions from the Air, but never conducted any Special operations inside Yemen, even zero number of Helicopter raid, so they don't have any option of how the Asymmetric warfare looks like, So in coming days the GCC states could start the Ground offensive and see how a Normal civilian quickly transform into a armed militia, and how can the GCC ground forces manages to score the Victory. 


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