Friday, July 17, 2015

US offers Small Diameter Bomb to Su 30 and Tejas

US offers Small Diameter Bomb to Su 30 and Tejas

     The US offers it's modern Small diameter glide bomb to equip it in the light combat jet Tejas and the Long Range Su 30 MKI, as Precession Bombing and pin point strike is a game Changer in future warfare and asymmetric warfare, India also planning to develop it's own small anti armor missiles, as Defense correspondent Saurav Jha reveals about the Indian Plans of developing own anti armor missile same like US made Hell fire and European Brimstone. But all of these systems are not having good range, also it needs the launching platform comes close to the Target before engining, or need a visual identification before engaging.

      But the SDB is entirely different it can glide through the air and travels more than 100 kilometers and  hits the Moving vehicle at pin point accuracy with highly lethal fragmentation warhead. the SDB is low in cost, weights low. but the performance is superior with the Tri seekers the Target acquisition and pin point strike become more easier. as the main aspects of lock on after launch, means it acquire targets his self.

     The SDB comes with three Guidance system, first is the GPS/INS based guidance to get a approximate target location of moving or stationary Target, the on board mmW seeker tracks the inbound threat, whether it's highly moving or stationary, and the Imaging infrared seekers identifies the priority targets, thus three makes the SDB hit the Target very accurately, the accuracy calculated less than one meter when the SDB Launched far from 60 kilometer or less.

      So far India has many types of PGM/LGB's which way too heavy more than 250 kg to 750kgs. Bombs like Russian made OFAB dumb bombs, KAB 500,1000, 1500 laser guided Bombs, Israeli made Improved fragmentation Bombs,variety of other PGM's like Gabriel and other, American made CBU 105 Cluster Bombs,  and the desi made Sudharshan LGB,  along with two or three models of Glide Bombs and anti armor missiles are at developing stage,  But those Indian Glide bombs and anti armor missiles is still in development stages would require another three to five years before adopted into the Airborne Platforms.

      But the need of Glide bomb is it  can strike targets at pin point launched from and can be launched from stand off Ranges, as increasing threats of armor platforms like Tanks and IFV along with support systems who moves at the speed of some 50 to 60 kilometers, striking them with PGM's or LGB from directly above is not give a good result, even those LGB's are guided they can actually hits the Targets and destroys it, but the Launch platform gets threats from Enemy SAM missiles. also using a 250 Kg of LGB to strike armor a target seems quite overkill. although Those PGM's are good for striking stationary targets like aircraft hangers, Radar installations, Supply Dumb,

     Also the Anti armor missiles like Hell fire and Brimstone is good against moving targets like Tanks and other platforms, with the less weight and mmW those missile can strike such moving vehicles at pin point strike. due to less weight Aircrafts and Helicopters can carry such missiles in good numbers, even those AH 64 E can carry 16 AGM Hell fire missiles, good for Battlefield Air support missions, and Close air support missions.

      But in Asymmetrical warfare, it's hard to identify the threats, where they mostly works deep inside enemy territory and works with the enemy as it's proxy, the Enemy government supply supports and logistics and keeps them within his Territory and neglects it's connection and existence, the current Ukrainian  crisis is the best example, where Russian sponsored Militants  attacks Ukrainian positions with Russian support then vacate the area and hide inside Russian controlled territory, which makes the Ukrainian can't have the option to attack deep inside Russia or it's controlled area.

      The same is also happening in Pakistan, they nowadays sends terrorists, who were intercepted and killed by ground forces, also they get continued fire support from regular Pakistani forces,  But in future they use their armors to provide support to the infiltrators, thus makes our forces pinned down till support arrives, here we can use those SDB's it can be launched from our space and strikes the targets deep inside the enemy territory.

      Fighter like Tejas can carry eight to twenty SDB with or without drop tanks, makes that effective in good battlefield support Aircraft,  with the stand off range the LCA can withstand from enemy air threats too, but for missions like continued Bombing, IAF can use the Su 30 MKI with the payload of more than 20 to 32 SDB missiles. thus proves more effective in any short sharp war with Pakistan.

     As precession Bombing is the Major concern in future warfare, IAF needs to stock guided munitions like  LGB/PGM's , Glide bombs and anti Armour missiles.

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