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Should India need the Su 34 for long range strike

Should India need the Su 34 for long range strike


       As talking emerges in the media and defense Analysts, Most of them prefer to buy one or two squadron of Su 34 Light Bomber Jet from the Russians, while India's Nuclear strategy based on the Ballistic missiles, but precesion striking is the most important term in today's and future warfare, If China never uses the Nuclear missiles during the war India also forced to not use the Ballistic missile, even Ballistic missiles can be armed with conventional warheads, But anyone easily thinks it's a Nuclear if they identified a Ballistic missile launched from Enemy territory. that's is based on the deterrence, mainly India uses the Ballistic missiles for Nuclear deterrence, the same goes for almost all other  countries.

     The Rafale game almost shifted the Indian Strike policy and rewritten, IAF has enough number of Deep strike attack aircrafts to strike deep in Pakistan, even their strategic places deep behind the Border, even locations like Quetta and Gwadar is easily target able using Conventional missiles like Brahmos and Airborne PGM's and Stand off missiles like Popeye and crystal mazes, even those situated more than 500 km outside the Indian Borders, so in future warfare the IAF can take complete control of Pakistan in an minutes, but the same is not regarding to China, 

     The Chinese has the capability to strike anywhere in India with their vintage era H6 Bomber, even they can be easily targeted by IAF fighter jets, if H6 comes with the Escort fighters like Su 27 clones, it's hard to intercept the cargo, even the H6 comes with Cruise missiles, so Chinese don't hesitate to carryout a suicidal missions. also China in big plans to build a new generation bomber to break heavily defended Indian Air space.

       Most of the Chinese Strategic buildings deep inside China, which is far more than 1000 kilometers from the Indian Borders, so the IAF has only one option using the Nirbhay Cruise missiles, even those Nirbhay's needs to be transported near to the Borders in order to launch the Strike, but during the war time the Borders become more sensitive, intense fighting will happen only in the borders, both of the Amry will fight each other face to face. so it's not a good option to move the Nirbhay Batteries near to the Borders,

     So India lacks of light bombers to strike deep in the Chinese hearts, no Su 30 or the Rafale can go deep inside the Chinese Strategic locations situated far from the Borders. The Russians have similar flights the Tu 22 and the Su 34 is the best choice for attacking long range targets, while Tu 22 almost outdated in modern technology, the New generation Su 34/32 Full back is the good Light bomber for such attacks.

    The Russians designed the Su 34 to penetrate the European missile shield and attacks the targets deep inside Europe, with cruise missiles and Precession guided munitions, for that The Russians added several kind of state of art electronic attack suites  and counter measures, not only with the wingtip Khibiney even with podded EW suites to defeat the European Target acquisition Radars, so it's clear it can also penetrate the Chinese air defense systems too,  also the Su 34 comes with incredible long range combat radius, the actual combat radius is not officially released, but the Su 34 can fly more than 1000 km and strike the target and return to the Home base. even in very low flying mode means lo lo lo mode, which means the Su 34 fly very low in all it's flight time with the Help of Terrain hugging and Mapping Radar, so it's hard to detect low flying aircrafts from the radars.

     The Su 34 comes with good payload, the official figures states nearly 12 tons of payload, the main weapon pylons can capable to hold 4 tons of Weapons, usually to carry heavy ordinance like FAB 1000, 2000 general purpose bombs,  those or not guided but can devastate the targeted buildings, they can be dropped like free falls, using visual guidance, A good option to Destroy strategic concrete buildings deep inside enemy targets, but the same option will be costlier and in effective if we compared to the missiles, a 300 kg warhead in the Brahmos is can be outperformed by the 1000 g free fall bombs, even one Su 34 can drop five such bombs. makes that good option for Startegic bombings.

       Even also the Su 34 can guide any missiles at the distance of 250 kilometers, the Su 34 comes with a Big Radar that can be switched into Air to Air, Air to ground and Air to Sea modes, ranging more than 200 kilometers.  so even if the Su 34 armed with three or five cruise missiles the Su 34 can guide them to strike the target. the Su 34 comes with plenty of Defensive options to evade from enemy interception, the Su 34 has a Radar in it's tail, which can guide R 73 heat Seeking IR guided Missiles, allows the Su 34 can fire the missiles with out taking a U turn, also with the EW systems and low flying characteristics, it's easy to escape from enemy without getting any damages.

      The Su 34 is a dream for the Air force, while many of them suggest the IAF to buy some pieces, earlier the E/A 18 Growler also discussed for special mission, now It's the Su 34, 

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