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Rafale Talks once again

Rafale Talks once again

    The Airforce once again raised it's voice about the shortfall of fighters, currently the Air force runs less than 32 squad of fighters than the allocated 42 Squads, more of them runs behind the schedules, and the Rafale decision took early 2012, and still now no Rafales seen, due to the negligence of the Indian government, but the Airforce urgently need the Rafale or a Fighter similar to Rafale, also they need not only 36 but IAF wants more than eighty such planes.

    Some informations also out, that how and Why IAF Selected the Rafale aircraft, there were three major points leaked, one is the Super Cruise, second is the low Radar cross section, and third is the awesome low flying capability. in these conditions Rafale scored much higher than the Contender Typhoon GR4.

Super Cruise in Super sonic Speed

    which means the engines can power the Aircraft without burning any flames, usually the Plane can glide at super sonic ranges without wasting much more energy and Engine power, almost all the contenders in MMRCA comes with super cruise, but Rafale only performed better with the Sneccma M88 Engines, in a Test mission set by IAF, the Rafale Carry's four Air to air missiles along with two guided bombs, and at the speed of Mach 1.4, and impressed the IAF evaluation team,

    Super cruise can be used to defeat most Heat seeking or IR Guided missile, which is usually tracks the Target using the Heat signatures, during dog fights or Close combat one was always try to escape from the Red zone with full power, that means he can go full after burner to achieve maximum speed, which also makes the missile for easy target, most of the time the IR guided missiles targets the Flares and the sun's because of Sun's heat spot. But with the Help of Super cruise without making Heat signs the Rafale can escape from the red zone at higher speed with the small design it can also maneuver at high rate to evade the missile.

Low RCS (Radar Cross Section )

    It's believed that the Rafale is the second good Fighter with very minimal radar cross section, first comes the American F 22. the IAF impressed over the Rafale's unique feature of nearly invisible to Radars in Long Ranges, earlier the Ex ADA Chief sounded that LCA Tejas also have lesser RCS, but not close to Rafale, Which makes the Rafale easily bypass enemy Borders and Conduct search and reconnaissance missions, also it's lie someone says the Rafale is invisible in Long ranges even with Air to air missiles and PGM's.  a simple addition with in aircraft makes the Platform easily visible to Radars,

    Even in the Syrian Bombing mission a American B 2 Spirit Stealth bomber makes refueling mission in the air, the footage shows it have a rotating female fuel port, which closes down once the Refueling complete, shows even a small size of object makes huge increment radar visibility.

Low flying

    The Rafale is much better in terms of low Flying, the other contenders even nowhere to comes close to the Rafale when it was conducted low flying missions with heavy combat load, makes the Rafale good for SEAD ( Suppressing Enemy Air defense ) missions, means the Rafale can fly very low and Launch it's missile and destroy enemy Radar networks,  The Rafale Performed the same in Libya by eliminate almost all of their early warning Radars by using the low flying technique,

    The IAF unhappy about the low numbers of Rafale, with the help of leaking some good informations they plans to field much more number of Rafale's in the fleet, The Indian Defense Minister muted for comments.


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