Friday, July 31, 2015

Pakistan plans to buy the Su 35 S from Russia

Pakistan plans to buy the Su 35 S from Russia

        As Russian State news agency said earlier that they were in talks to export the advanced Su 35 S to several countries, those countries need one or two squadron of such fighters, they earlier relies on the Russian MiG 29 and the Su 27,   as new threats emerging and threat of 4.5gen multi role fighters around their door steps. small countries also pledged to modernize their Air forces, Russia plans to Export those fighters to Indonesia, Algeria, Vietnam and Venezula, also Kremlin does not ruled out  Pakistan in potential export list.

     Pakistan recently confirms that they were in Talks and agreement level to buy Advanced Russian air defense missile system like Tor M and Attack Helicopters Mi 35 and Mi 28,  The Relationship between Russia and Pakistan growing steadily and smoothly, with the involvement of constructing advanced nuclear power plants in Pakistan with the Chinese fund and Russian construction,

     Pakistanis has a squadron of advanced Block 52 variants of F 16, used for Ground attack and Air superiority, although it's a medium multi role Aircraft, used for only in theaters, not for long range strikes, Pakistan also have lesser or zero operational Aerial Tankers to refuel those aircrafts in the Air, the need of Long Range Heavy fighter is a long time wish for the Pakistanis, even if it comes in a handy price or as a offer of credit is more than enough for the Pakistanis.

      Earlier in the 2012, Pakistan requested the Russians to supply a squadron of Su 35, due to the Indian pressure the Russians rejected the Pakistani plea. but due to sanctions and internal economic problems Russia no longer wait to supply most lethal war machines to third world countries, Also it's believed the   Pakistanis can get a squadron of Su 35 S along with Missiles, Bombs, Spare and Ground supports under just a billion dollars. a handy price to show off against Indian Air force.

       The Indian Airforce dominates the Pakistani skies with it's advanced long Range Su 30 MKI along with some support Aircraft like Medium fighters MiG 29 and Mirage 2000, Thus gives the IAF can strike Pakistan anywhere and anytime by forcing their Fighter jets in the ground, due to the heavy in size, larger radar and long range missiles Su 30 MKI can Kill any incoming PAF fighter jets when it's completed it's take off. So Pakistan don't want to risk their combat jets.

       But adding a squadron of Su 35 S will change the scenario completely, a CAP profiled Su 35 can save the Pakistani Borders 24x7 and destroy any incoming fighters at long range. mathematically and theoretically the Su 35 S is more advanced than the Su 30 MKI, in terms of thrust weight and low drag, by  analytics Su-35 has 16% more thrust, 20% less weight and 20% less drag. Overall it's 56% aerodynamically better than Su-30 MKI, So it's clear IAF forced to use the Next generation stealth fighters to counter the Advanced Su 35 operated by the Pakistanis.

        Even if the Pakistanis signed the contract with Russians to supply the Su 35S. it expected that they will Deliver only after delivering much modern Fifth Generation PAK FA T 50 to Indian Air force. not confirm but we hope. 

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