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More Talwars Class Frigates for Indian Navy

More Talwars Class Frigates for Indian Navy

    The Indian Navy plans to Build three more improved Talwar Class frigates, India currently operates two versions of Six Talwar class frigates, first three having Klub Anti Shipping missiles and later three Ships with the Brahmos Cruise missile instead of the Klub missiles, all the six were Built in the Russian Shipyards and Transferred to Indian Navy,

    Later India plans to build more advanced Multi role Frigates in Indian Shipyard comprising advanced western and Israeli sensors and Missile system. under the Project P 17 India plans to build three Shivalik class Frigates, all three were build in Indian Shipyard MDL, and inducted in the Navy later years, For Future plans India plans to build more advanced fully stealth Frigates under the P 17 A project, the planning and Construction will starts coming 2017, under this project India plans to build six new frigates.

    But Recently some media quoted that Russia plans to send three of their last three Admiral Grigorovich class frigates same like Talwar class frigates, the Reason is most of the Russian ships works on the Ukrainian based engines, some Indian Ships too. due to the Ukrainian Crisis the Ukrainian companies refused to supply  the Engines to the Russian ships, but there is no Problems with the Indian Ukrainian relationship, so Russia plans to send it's non powered Ships to Indian Shipyards, where India orders Engines from Ukraine and Fit in the Russian Ships, then transfer to Russian Navy, that was the Original Russian sources mentioned.

    But later It's believed India Plans to buy those non engine but completed, last three Admiral Grigorovich class frigate, also some reports mentions Navy wants those Ships should be Build in India, Here the twist Happens. that looks like the same what Russia plans how to get Ukrainian Engines  via India, because if India wants to build a new Frigates they must go with new improved design or the Current Shivalik design, But why India goes for older Talwar Class.

    Actually Frigates mainly used in escort purpose, Frigates comes with good numbers of Anti air missiles, and Anti sub elements, But nowadays most Frigates comes with AShM too, makes them Multi-role, most Indian Frigates are multi-role, they can conduct all kind of Offensive and defensive mission, But mainly anti air warfare is the important role of Frigates.

     The Older Indian Talwar class frigates comes with arm launching Shtil Missiles, ranging upto some 45 kilometers guided by Radar homing, bit older Technology, It can intercept fighters but not good for intercepting Sea skimming missiles. also it's not capable to Ripple laughing the missiles, the shtil launcher has 24 ready to fire missile in it's magazine, but it loaded like a older Gun. means once the  first missile fired, then second one loaded from the magazines, which takes atleast 10 to 30 seconds, where fast moving Fighter Jets and cruise missile completes it mission less than 30 seconds.

   and those Talwars comes with Kashtan CIWS systems, Two such CIWS fitted in the Frigates, which has two to four ready to launch QR SAM's and twin 30mm cannon, one of the best CIWS available in the Globe.

    The same goes for  Indian Talwars, and Indian Navy knows the Shtil won't give proper defense to the Frigates,

   Also Indian Navy upgraded the last three Frigates by adding Brahmos cruise missiles, makes the frigates more effective in Anti Shipping and Land attack role.

    India knows about the incapable arm launchers in Talwars, so they planned to add good Short Range missiles and found the Israeli made Barak 1 short range VLS, the missile is very good by intercepting low flying sea skimming anti shipping missiles, the Shivalik's comes with 32 Barak 1 VLS missile launchers, that can intercept multiple targets in same time. But the Shivalik uses the same Shtil arm launcher for long range interception.

    With the lessons, India plans to add Long range SAM missiles from VLS. hence the Kolkata and Future ships employs the Barak 8 long range anti missile system, the same would be added in future P 17 A frigates.

    But what Russians did with it's future Frigates, they plans to use the Shtil from VLS tubes, those new Admiral Grigorovich class frigates comes with 32 Shtil missiles in it's VLS launcher as Ready to fire mode. and India also has plans to replace those arm launching systems into more capable multiple launching Vertical launching systems.

    So those Three additional frigates looks like a Game of Russia,it's by two possible reason, may be they plans to get the Ukrainian engines via India, otherwise sell those underpowered  Frigates to India, So India should understand the Russian game plan before going into the deal with the INS Vikramaditya deal in mind.

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