Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is it possible make peace with Pakistan

Is it possible make peace with Pakistan

      No, is the correct answer for the Question, even a Juvenile in India knows about how cruel is Pakistan when it comes to India, not only during the wars, But in peacetime asymmetric warfare that costs thousands of Indian lives, unfortunately this will not change in near future, same like earlier days, since the 1947, Pakistanis ultimate Aim is to annihilate the world's largest democracy state India, with the manpower and Patriotism India survived till now, and can be live forever, meanwhile the enemy take hits with it's  own venom that they used to strike Indians.

      With the tensions raised many times in Borders, the PM Modi meets the Pakistani PM Nawaz in Russia ahead of SCO Summit, and PM accepts the Pakistani request of visiting Pakistan to attend the SAARC summit which happens next year. a big leap in two states foreign relationship, after Modi swarm as Indian Leader, He almost given free hands to the Amry to  strike back Pakistani attacks, even with the open orders India failed to stop the infiltrations from Pakistan,  with rounds of failed Talks doesn't solve the border crossing and ceasefire violation,

       So it's a question raises, If You Pakistan didn't have the capability to control the terrorists who are infiltrating into India. then let me allow us to take care of them , a Short sharp Air strike  can destroy entire Terrorists camps and hideout's along the LoC. along with several Spec ops the operation can ensure the safety of Indian lives near to Borders, But Pakistan didn't allows us and the Government also hesitate to take Necessary action, when India attacks deep behind Myanmar, The Pakistanis issued statement without any common sense,that angered Indians so much.

So why would we have to talk with Pakistani's, India's ultimate problem is the Pakistan and It's state sponsored Terrorism, so It's needed India's first prime Talk would be the illegal cross border firings and Terrorists Infiltration, the economics and other blah blah relations should become second priority, only if Pakistanis executes the Prime request, then only we can think about the peace process.

      How many  lives we lost in 26/11. a fire in each and every Indian's Heart. that can't be forgettable even if we annihilate the preparators of the 26/11, most of the Pakistanis cheered the 26/11, But we Indians in deep silence, what we did, pressured Pakistan to file a case and investigate about it, what happens till now, How many Preparators arrested, what steps taken, even after heavy pressure from Indian and Foreign Leaders, Result is Zero, in Ufa Russia, Indian PM again pressured the Pakistani PM to arrest the 26/11 preparators. Is PM think that Pakistani PM can accomplish his wishes.. How many of you think this will happen after seven years. No big damn no

     They will continue their terrorist works and blame. They didn't accused, India provided wrong info and etc. So what will Modi do. He should warn Nawaz, hang or handover those Terrorists within a year otherwise we should take necessary steps to bring them into Justice, his is how Modi will talk to the Pakistani PM.

     Border crossing and Ceasefire violation is the another major issues, when PM shakes the Nawaz Hands, A Pakistani sniper targeted and killed a Indian Gunner who are in regular patrol along the Kashmir Border. He is just 22 years old Sepoy, did Modi talks anything about this reports or statement from Modi regarding this Sniper attack, any action taken from Pakistani side for that illegal activity done by that terrorists Soldier, again the Answer is No.

Then how can those meetings can solve illegal cross border fire and ceasefire violations,

     So it's simply negotiating with Pakistan is like negotiating with a corpse, India too knows that very well, earlier when Modi swarms as Indian PM, many Indians predicted India must go for a short sharp war against the Pakistani's to stop those Border infiltrations and Terrorism, but these smooth Talks reveal soft character of Indian side of negotiations,

      Actually India would not  talk with Pakistan, History teaches many things, A fight only solves problems, Hitting hard in Pakistani Heart only Solves the problems, Those loose talks are only like face wash, But Pakistan never stops it's attitude until India Strikes backs with full power.

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