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Engines who powers Future Indian Combat Jets

Engines who powers Future Indian Combat Jets

      HAL and ADA selected the US made Engine General Electric F 404-IN20 to powers the Home made Tejas fighter Jet. which was bought in high numbers include tot after the Home made Kaveri Failed to perform the designated power output, which having normal dry power of 53.9 kN. and 89.8 kN in full after burner mode, and the ADA and HAL officials plans for more powerful General Electric Engines to powers the Tejas MK 2 fighters for increased performance and power output, also it can increase the range of the Fighters.

     Those 99 number of Engine orders should be increased, where most fighters need nearly three to Four Engines in it's entire life, because the engines life lasts only 3000 to 3500 flying hours, even most of the LSP's already flown over 2000 flying hours, although these engines are made in India under the technology transfer from the American General Electric, the same GE F 404 engines powers the US navy's older generation F 18 fighter Aircrafts, modified GE F 404 named Volvo RM 12 is used in the JAS 39 Gripen.

     The Americans further developed the GE 404 to provide more power to their Fighter air crafts, so they modified the GE 404 and developed the advanced GE F 414  Engines who can produce more power, the power output designated 57.8 kN in dry and 97.9 kN in Full after burner, so the ADA impressed about the advanced Engine and picks up the GE 414 to power the Tejas MK2, who passed in the contend with the European Eurojet EJ 200 engine which have bit lower power output, 60kN in dry thrust and 90kN in full after burner mode, the same engines who powers the Euro Fighter Typhoon Jets, but those houses two such engines. also the F 414 also powers the upgraded F 18 Super Hornets operated by the US navy from it's carriers. who also runs with twin Engines.

   Currently the F 414 and the F 414 INS6 has been used in the F 18 E/F and the Tejas Mk 2 Fighters.

      But the ADA now hunts for even more powerful engines with good super cruise and more powerful Engines for the Home made 5th Generation fighters, the ADA and HAL plans to power the AMCA with affordable 220kN Engines, where the AMCA comes with twin engines each of them should show 110kN in full afterburner mode, but ADA didn't reveal the information about the required dry thrust power values,

     So India and US agreed to further develop the F 414 Engines to increase the power output by 110kN, both the US Navy and Indian AMCA team suggested the GE to re-mod the engine to deliver more power, the same also discussed with the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, he confirms that he will discuss with the US officials for the Joint research in the engine development, but since months the project didn't wakeup from the discussion Tables, the US and India signed a agreement called DTTI which involves co-developments in core technology. 

     The Americans may opt for their own Pratt & Whitney engines for their Higher output needs, that's the suspected reason of the negligence of co developing the F 414 to deliver more power. the American Fifth Gen fighters like F 22 and F 35 and the F 15 uses the advanced Pratt and Whitney F 119 engines who delivers 156 kN to power the F 22, the twin engines give awesome power output of more than 300 kN to the world's finest fighter Aircraft, also the F 35 uses the Pratt&Whitney F135 who delivers 191 kN in full after burner mode, and the F 15 uses the PW F 100 who delivers 129 kN power, the twin engines gives the F 15 nearly 250 kN of power,

     But the above are all mentioned fighter Aircrafts are heavy in size and design so the tremendous powers needed to lift off the Fighters with heavy load, The Indian Su 30 MKI heavy fighter uses the Satrun AL 31FP which can produce 123 kN, and the twin engine gives nearly 245 kN power to the Indian Su 30 MKI, also the future heavy Fighter FGFA uses the more powerful Satrun AL 41 who can produces more than 150 kN, the twin engine gives more than 300 kN to the FGFA, makes similar power to the American F 22 engines power.

     But the AMCA is not the Heavy fighter, It's fall on medium Weight category like AMCA expanded as Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, so it requires medium power  but not less than 220 kN, Thats why the India need a good medium power engines, and as a surprise the lost contender EJ 200 also offer co development of the Engine to produce more than 110 kN , if Washington refuses to the co development of F 414, India opt for the European EJ  200 for the AMCA.

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