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DRDO Alternative Reliance in the Bring

DRDO Alternative Reliance in the Bring

   The Private Indian Company all set to land in the Indian defense Industry as their plans seems like a DRDO alternative. they not  new to the Defense sector since they develop and manufacture Subsystems to Most defense equipments both Indian and International Customers, best one is the C 130 J and Sirkosky Helicopters Cabin assembly and subsystems production. they are not new but doing this since years,

  After New Governments major plans of Bringing India's major Private companies into the defense sector, the Indian companies gets a Cheer from the government, companies like L&T who involved in the Arihant SSBN projects too take a good step into defense. The Reliance seems something smarter, they investing most technologies  where DRDO and other Public sector Undertaking companies like BEL, CSL and more. the Reliance takes his first step by Buying the Pipavav's Shares in huge makes their stand in concrete in the Company, also starts talks with the Russians to help build the SSN's in India, where Navy has the plans of fielding six Nuclear attack submarines in coming years.

    Reliance investing more in the Aerospace sector where Combat Jets, Helicopter and Transport Planes falls under this category, the aerospace sector has the bright future where Indigenous programs like AMCA and Light combat Aircrafts to the variety of Transport Planes.  as of now they were in handling of Aircraft maintenance and Logistic supports, but they have plans of start research and development works future Combat jet Technologies which can be integrated into the Indian fifth generation fighter AMCA.

    They also have big Plans of developing and supplying mini Drones to the armed forces. since the requirements of the battlefield UAV's is huge numbers can be used for all Services including para military forces, where DRDO failed to supply on the Time, since DRDO has a lot of other projects they have less staffing requirements, and area the Private sectors can easily takes the Advantage to build themselves and Supply to the Armed forces.

    The Option is one more with the Huge staffing requirements and Software technicians It's an Easy job for Reliance to design and supply simulators to the armed forces, from Tanks to Ships, combat Aircrafts and more. where DRDO lags behind, only competitor for these projects is the TATA who is also makes his stand in the defense, earlier DRDO asks the Reliance and others for making the combat simulating devices but from now the armed forces can directly purchase from the private company, which can decrease the time and induction process.

   The Reliance Top most project is the Submarine Building, the India Navy lacks the authorized number of underwater platforms either Submarine or any underwater vehicles, same problem also here where DRDO still have no time and money to materialize or  continue the project after the first prototype, where Reliance already in talks with Russian and other countries to build most advanced submarines and underwater vehicles in India.

    After the Kaveri Engine, no private other companies shown interests in engine building, the engine R&D and first prototype costs makes billions of dollars, but most gets the failure as the results, even the Russians too, Currently the Americans and the French are the best in engine manufacturing and building where 80% of the Flying birds powered by American or French engines, everyone knows about Boeing planes and Airbus planes, where they are masters in engine technologies, Reliance also plans to enter the Hells cage, but we hope for the Positive result.

   MRO Facilities for all kind of defense Equipments, MRO simply means Maintenance repair and Overhaul,  Every countries need a good company which can repair and maintain their Military hardware to fight the war in any day, without facing the problems, the Reliance plans of MRO for all kind of Military hardware including Aircrafts, and Ships.

    Reliance another view on the defense is supplying Electronic equipments, where Indian PSU BEL is master in defense electronics, but it's hard to overcome the experience of state owned BEL, where almost all kind of Electronics found in the Military hardware is somewhat BEL designed.

    Missiles is the another Step, where most western countries are upgraded their Missile producing units, but India and some other countries still making Hand made missiles, with the Technological expertise of Reliance, they can handle them it easily, but they must remember TATA who is master in automatic assembly line. 

      Night vision devices and other portable surveillance systems, Most other Indian private companies are offering the high end Devices like NVD, BFJ and surveillance systems,  where they almost in competition to supply those items to the Defense forces, It seems Reliance would not gain more attention on these projects, with the huge money investing Reliance can look upon the major projects like ship building and aerospace sectors.

    While western and Americans comes masters in defense technologies because of their private Companies. and they also earned huge profit by selling those hardware to friendly Countries with Government approval, It's the Time for India too come masters in Defense Technology with the Participation of Private Companies.

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