Saturday, July 11, 2015

China Plans to Build new Long Range Bomber

China Plans to Build new Long Range Bomber

      Reports revels that China plans to build a new generation long range bomber to strike beyond 3000 kilometers of enemy territory, The Chinese has many numbers  of H 6 variants of subsonic long range Nuclear bombers their numbers reach more 100, the range of those Bombers is more than 2000 kilometers, China is the fourth country to use long range bombers after America Russia and England. those H 6 is a redesigned variants of the soviet era Tu 12, But China subsequently upgrades them and makes those Bombers Combat capable upto 2020. 

      Almost all H 6 E variants undergo upgrades in early 2007, and the updates includes structural changes, new composite materials for wings and Tails, improved Engine inlets, full digital and Glass cockpits, along with advanced counter measure systems and electronic attack systems.  China operates more than hundred of H 6K for Nuclear delivery from aerial platform. those H 6K can launch upto four CJ 10 A Long range Nuclear armed Cruise missiles range upto 1500 kilometers, with a Half ton heavy payload, allows the Bomber can Strike deep inside India and Their Targets in South Asian Nations. and US Bases in Pacific Ocean.

      The another variant of H 6 is used for Anti shipping Missions, those modernized H 6 Naval Bombers known as H 6 D, those Bombers comes with deadly long range C 601 Anti Shipping missile based on the Soviet Termit missile. those were later upgraded into C 301 missiles, each H 6 D can carry upto four such missiles in it's wings, those supersonic anti shipping missiles having strike range of more than 250 kilometers with it's 500 kg HE warheads. H 6 used in one more variant which is used for Aerial Refueling missions, It's believed nearly 10 such of them assigned for Refueling role.

      Even if those  H 6 can fly high and Speed, those H 6 can be easily intercepted by the Modern Combat Jets, one or two Air to air missiles can easily bring down the Aircraft, also it can be easily observed by the Radar's due to common RCS, only difficult is it could use the Civil transport altitude to hide it's identity, even with advanced network centric hubs, one can easily find out unidentified Aircraft and calls the Air force about the Mystery Air plane.

     So the Chinese need to build a brand new platform to bypass radars, and with Bomb bays. only the American Bombers like B 2 and B 1 can easily bypass through the enemy Radar networks and sneak through any Air defense, they fly high or very low even at full speed, both having bomb bays and larger combat radius, the B2 having range of more than 10,000 kilometers, without any refuel, unlike other soviet Heavy long range bombers lacks stealth aspects only.

       China Known for cloning and stealing foreign Prototypes and blue prints, they even have blue prints of F 35, But they don't have the knowledge to crack that millions of codes used in the F 35, earlier  they managed to clone the American C 17, and managed to clone a Reaper drone, although those complex Machines won't give good result to the Chinese, they do have many Ex Soviet scientists, so they easily can build a Model if China managed to steal a Russian project, But it's hard to get a performance of American machines Clones,

     So it's a Question that does China has the capacity to build Stealth Bomber, earlier this year China publishes a image that showing a Chinese Bomber completely redesigned B 2 model with four Cruise missile in it's pylons, but the Aviation experts calls that's just a Propaganda image that China's plan of Building a Bomber, But that picture is similar to a Light Bomber Su 32/34. does not look like a good Bomber,

      The truth remains strong, that China don't have the technology to build a Long range bomber par with the Americans and Russians, even if they managed to build one, it will not gives them good performance compared to the real one.

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