Thursday, July 16, 2015

BSF gets order to Strike Back Pakistani Firing

BSF gets order to Strike Back Pakistani Firing

BSF - Border Security Forces gets an Order from Official to use Heavy weapons to fire back against the Enemy Positions along the Border. the Pakistani forces violates with heavy fire since last week, on the first event they tries to infiltrate the border. more than four terrorists killed in last week encounter with Indian defense Forces.

later last week a  Pakistani Sniper Shoot and Kill Indian Army Soldier, who is on his Regular patrol along the border, and they contentiously violates the ceasefire, and firing across Indian Positions. 

Later the same week back to back days Indian Army and BSF kills six terrorists who tries to infiltrate Indian Border, with the support of Pakistani Border Action Team's suppressing fire. one of the terrorist is ISI handle who beheaded Indian Soldier Hemraj Last year.

Last day Pakistani illegally claimed  and summoned Indian High commissioner by showing a Toy plane belongs to India who violates Pakistani air space, Indian official declined the Pakistani officials Claim. 

Even India contentiously warned Pakistani cross border firing, they didn't stop the act of war. 

Yesterday Evening a Kashmir civilian died because of the Pakistani fire , and in the night another civilian killed in the Cross border fire. 

Meantime in the early morning Pakistanis continued firing with Mortar shells, the heavy firing stopped in the morning replaced by Small arm fire, this causes Heavy injury to two Indian BSF soldiers. 

India always gives proper counter fire against Pakistani firing using small arms. but never uses heavy weapons. 

But now some reports claimed Officials ordered BSF to counter fire with  heavy weapons, without mentioning the officials name whether BSF officials or Ministry. 

This is the Third time BSF getting such orders, early two times BSF uses the L 70 to suppress Pakistani positions along the Border. 

Two years ago Army's Ghatak Special operation team gets an order to carryout operation near border, the operation ended with killing of Pakistani Major and several Pakistani soldiers.



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