Monday, July 27, 2015

Any Options left to stop the Infiltrations

Any Options left to stop the Infiltrations 

   It's been like a normal scenario, Pakistani terrorists infiltrating the international Border and strike Civil buildings and Peoples, finally Army comes and kills those Terrorists, a Typical Asymmetric warfare, But what steps do India take to counter that moves done by Pakistani Terrorists, after Pakistanis failed in the Kargil, they move another plan by adopting Jihadi's to carryout Strikes and Suicidal bombings along the Kashmir Border, by advancing they finding  more ways to infiltrate the soft borders along the LoC.

    Just like Kashmir, in Punjab Today  Pakistani terrorists carried out attacks and leaving several peoples killed and wounded many other, inflicting damages to civil properties, making peoples feel insecure, the same scenario repeating here in Punjab a Indian state shares border with Pakistan, the same what happening in Kashmir everyday.

   Here India should rethink it's strategy when dealing with the Pakistanis, India suffer heavy damages due to this asymmetrical warfare done by the Pakistanis, The New Government assures that they will take tough actions to stop those Border infiltrations, but so far they take zero decisions to deal with the Pakistanis and tries to stick with diplomatic options, where Pakistan is not interested in such Diplomatic talks.

    The earlier government also does the same, when Pakistan attacks Indian Positions or supporting Terrorists to infiltrate the borders and carryout attacks against civilians, they calls the Pakistani High Commissioner and lodges it's protest, or comments like India will give befitting reply to Pakistani attacks, but truth is no real effects happens in the ground, and the same saga repeats itself.

   What the Current government is doing, they also repeating the same, as earlier expected, once New Government takes the power they will carryout Air strikes  along the LoC by targeting the Pakistani Terror Camps and  Bunkers Operated by the Pakistani regular Army. so far a Year the Pakistan continues its normal game, India too sounding the same just like earlier what UPA Regime did.

    Still no proper actions taken to stop those Cross Border actions, Earlier last Month, as Surprisingly Indian Special forces raid on a NSCN camp outside Indian Borders, even that Pakistan Threatens India into the situation just like a warning India won't try the same with Pakistan which makes bigger consequences. Within a week A border infiltration done by Pakistani Terrorists and killed some civilians before shot by the Indian Military forces.

    There is a clear evidences that Almost all of the Terrorists incidents happens nearby the Border is done by the Pakistani Terrorists with the support of Pakistani military, The Government knows that very well. But still no actions taken to stop this, while still believing they can give a life to a corpse means they can solve the issues with diplomatic options.

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