Thursday, July 9, 2015

AMCA - a small look up

AMCA - a small look up   

    Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), India's premier aeronautical developmental agency is gearing up to brief Minister of Defense, Manohar Parrikar about India’s ambitious Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). Under the AMCA project India will develop its own fifth generation fighter which will feature stealth capabilities. The design phase of AMCA began way back in 2011 and recently the final configurations were confirmed to have been frozen. 

     The AMCA will be single jet stealth capable fighter powered by twin engines and the operational capabilities enhanced with stealth and super manoeuvrability. The jet is a multi-role combat aircraft capable of supporting air force in air superiority, ground attack, bombing and intercepting roles. Clubbed with stealth the jet will be a major boost to the operational capabilities of air force, in the onset of a war the jets clubbed with stealth can outrun enemy radars and can effectively perform bombing missions and destroying enemy’s radar installations, air defense installations and forward operational bases. This penetration will thus pave way for the air forces fighter jets to carry out further bombing sorties and to gain air superiority. 

     With IAF actively supporting the AMCA project and Defense Minister calling for a brief, the project has gained speed and maybe accelerated to equip India with the latest jets. ADA has now received a change to its administration with Cmmdr C D Balaji taking over the reins from P S Subramanyam. DRDO is also now headed by S Christopher, a former DG of ADA who has stressed on timely delivery of products to the customers. The program once cleared will require at least a decade to materialize and the first squadron may start flying by 2028. 

    Mastering Stealth and Super cruise capabilities will be a major hurdle for ADA in materializing the program but the ‘LCA program’ has given some much needed knowledge for ADA. LCA has surely evolved over the years and is ready to be inducted to the force soon. With various nations stepping up to help develop the AMCA, a world class product by ADA is guaranteed. The only question which remains unanswered will IAF put its weight behind a home developed product? 

Article By Karthik kakoor 

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