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The Indian Navy HW Torpedo

The Indian Navy HW Torpedo

     The Indian Navy not only short of Submarines, but also lacks with Torpedo's which can be fired from Submarines to hit enemy Submarines and Warships in a standoff Range, currently the ongoing P75 aka Scorpene or Kalvari Class Submarines does not have any Torpedo's once it is ready to be inducted into the Navy, earlier Indian Navy selected the Italian Torpedo company WASS to supply their modern 533mm heavy weight Torpedo's to Navy's new Submarines, the Company WASS is a sub company which is controlled and financed by the Finmeccania. the company who was caught by the CBI for alleged bribes paying to the Indian Officials,

   By the recommendation from the Armed forces and CBI, The ministry blacklisted the Finmeccania to don not participate any other defense deals, which was done by previous regime, but the Finmecannia is the trusted and important supplier to the Navy, like the Naval main gun and other systems Subsidies of the Finmeccania leads the race, the same company who short listed to supply the Torpedo's to Navy's Future submarines,

     But after the investigation CBI found  no clear evidences to the alleged bribe case, so as per the recommendation the new Government lifted the ban of Finmeccania, also the same problem was caused the Israeli supplier IAI, which is also later cleared, and Now Navy in works to WASS to seal the deal of Supply the deadly Black shark Torpedo's to Kalvari class Submarines.

1. The Black shark is the new generation heavyweight torpedo which can destroy any kind of Surface and submerged platforms at the range of some fifty kilometers gives  a decent stand off Range from Enemy Torpedo's and Depth Charges, the Torpedo is named to be most advanced for the next twenty years makes the current Torpedo decoy systems vulnerable to the Black sharks performance and precession,

2. the Black shark is a Heavyweight and house inside the 533mm torpedo tubes inside the German and Western standard submarines, with the shape and design the torpedo invisible to the Enemy detection systems, where the radiated homing beam and the propulsion system is complete modern and can bypass most advanced Detection systems currently employed by other Naval Ships and Submarines.

3. So far the company delivered only fewer numbers of  Black shark torpedo's, because of incapable platform design and European arms control treaty,

4. The Torpedo can be launched from sub surface and submerged sailings, known as Push out and swim out launch, also the Torpedo allows the launch platform to immediately vacate from the launch zone, with the use of Lithium cells for propulsion the Torpedo swim without make any noises also the contra rotating blades allows the Torpedo silent and more maneuverable during the swimming.

5. with the high speed and long range, the Torpedo can reach the target quickly and sinks the target in one shot,where the speed and exact range is highly classified.

6. The Torpedo uses two guidance system, one is wire guidance, which means the submariner keep an eye on the target allows the Torpedo hits the desired target only, makes less or zero damage to nearby Vessels, a good one used for sinking Escort warships, another one is fire and forget mode, means once the torpedo fired the torpedo itself goes to the target using the magnetic, frequency and acoustic signature of enemy vessels,

7. The torpedo has no limits of launch depths, can able to fired from any depths of submarines maximum diving range. also it not limits the Submarines performance during the Launch like Speed limit and other limits.

   Currently the Indian Navy's Type 209 Shishumar class submarines can able to fire AEG-SUT Mod-1 wire-guided active/passive homing torpedoes, each sub can hold fourteen such torpedo's, Indian Navy has four Shishumar class submarine, which also can able to fire Harpoon Anti ship cruise missiles from under water. the AEG-SUT Mod-1 torpedo has the range of some 30 kilometer at the speed of some 35 knots, but it's also the standard 533mm Torpedo design.

    The Navy's Kilo Sindhughosh class submarines uses the vintage Type 53 Torpedo's which is less in range speed also lacks of modern sensor and counter counter measure systems. and uses the modern TEST 71/76 anti-submarine, active-passive homing torpedo, the Kilo class submarines has six launch 533mm launch tubes, way back earlier the Sunk of Sindhurakshak caused when the sub was reloaded the TEST 71/76 Torpedo's

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