Monday, June 22, 2015

Swedish A 26 Submarine for Indian Navy P 75 I

Swedish A 26 Submarine for Indian Navy P 75 I

     The Swedish naval firm Kockums Collins slowly pushing the next generation diesel electric submarine to the Indian Navy, where Sweden lost in the race of supplying the Gripen Fighters to the Indian Air force, now they looking to sell it's advanced concept designed A 26 Submarine to the Indian Navy, Recently Navy floated and RFI for Supply six new generation diesel electric submarines to the Indian Navy under project name P 75 I.

     Earlier the French firm DCNS won the contract of supply six Diesel electric submarines to the Indian Navy under Make in India project, where DCNS supply spare parts and design technology to the Indian private firm who build the Ships in India, they also gives the rights to the Navy to modify existing technology with newer or Indian made subsystems. recently the Navy floated out the first of the Scorpene named as Kalvari class, Navy plans to commission all the six Submarines before 2020.

     The P 75 1 is the successor class of Kalvari, the same existing tenders and Contracts, but more advanced version is inducted, since Scorpene is older technology, Navy looks for Advanced Diesel Electric submarines, west and other countries knows Indian Navy looks for foreign designs, same like earlier days, India went for two designs, one set of HDW or Type 209 submarine from Germany, and another set of Kilo class submarine from Russia.

    But that creates many problems too, mainly the logistics spare and Service issue, both were different models and platforms,after that many of the Officials suggested sticks with single platform, where this also makes problems, one submarines acoustic signature is got in enemy hands it's easy for them to identify other Submarines easily, but operating multiple models makes enemy operators confuse to  identify or locate the exact range and acoustic signatures.

     So Navy has two options either sticks with French Scorpene aka Kalvari Class or Advanced versions from French named SMX Ocean, both have similar operating procedures and Machines but improved model, makes the crew easily switch from other submarines. or go for a New design, currently three others have heavy competition like the Russian Kilo Class, Swedish A 26, and the Japanese Soryu Class.

      The Options are something complex, where Indian rival enemy China has almost full knowledge about the Russian Kilo class, China operates good numbers of Kilo class bought from Russia, they also successfully modified the kilo class, so buying the Kilo class makes no sense if we fight against the Chinese in Future,

      Another one is the Japanese Soryu class, one of the finest Diesel Electric submarine from the Japanese, most advanced SSK across the globe, a Heavy SSK weighting over 5000 Tons, can launch tons of weapons, can able to dive upto some 1500 feet, where other modern SSK can dive only upto 1000 feet, But the problem is Japan won't sell it's top most military Hardwares to other countries, The Australians hardly negotiating to get those submarines, But still they get no clear words from the Japanese Ministry, Indian Defense Minister also approached the Japanese Ministry to Participate the P 75 I program, even that they didn't shown much interest in the existing US 2i Amphibious plane deal.

     So the Clear option comes out Swedish and French designs, that's why the Sweden Firm slowly pitching the A 26 to the P75I program, But in performance wise it's very poor compared to the all other models, like lower dive depth, lower tonnage, weapon launching capacity, But they have the very good Artistic representation which can attract the every customer. the Recent Paris Air show 15 Swedish officials takes the  words towards Indian Officials, While India keep silent on the P 75 I,

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