Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sri Lanka Buys the JF 17

Sri Lanka Buys the JF 17 Blk 2

       Reports revealed that Sri Lankan Air force buys a squadron of Block 2 version of China Pakistani Developed JF 17 Multi role fighter, in Sri Lanka a Squadron consists of 18 to 24 fighter jets, number include Trainer, Reserve and Active combat group. during the Paris air show this year, Pakistani officials announced that JF 17 gets the first export order and signs the agreement with a South Asian country to supply the JF 17 Fighters, without revealing the Name of the Customer.

       Two days after the announcement made in Paris air show, a Pakistani TV news Channel quoted the South Asian customer is the Sri Lankan Air force, earlier this month Pakistani Army Staff General Raheel Sharif meets with several Sri Lankan Officials and the Sri Lankan Air force Chief, also during the meet photo's emerged that a JF 17 Scale model along with Sri Lankan Air force emblem, reveals the Sri Lankan plans of Buying the Chinese Pakistani made JF 17 fighter jets.

   It's also reported that The Sri Lankan air force gets the upgraded Block 2 version of the JF 17 which having air to air Refueling, improved Avionics, more combat load, and advanced electronic warfare capabilities. each fighter costs some $30-53 millions, makes the fighter as very cheap in price, also the Company plans to deliver the JF 17 to Sri Lanka before 2017. looks as they already signed the Agreements.

       It seems there is no problem in the Contract, since Sri Lanka has a good relationship with both Chinese and Pakistan, they have good relations since decades. Sri Lanka operates many Chinese developed combat and Cargo planes which include the Chengdu F 7 Fighter jet, MA 60 and Y 12 Transporters. also the JF 17 don't have modern western equipments since it makes numerous other problems because of Technology stealing.

         Earlier the Pakistanis approached the French for improved Engine the Snecma M 53 Engines, more powerful RDY multi mode Radars along with MICA advanced air to Air missiles, also seeks the support of data link to connect the aircraft with many other Flying platform like AEWCS and ground stations. the deal valued some $1.6 billions, But France refused to supply those cutting edge state of Art technologies to the Pakistani's and the Chinese due to the concern of Leaking French advanced technologies to other Countries especially China, also Indian lobby is prevented the French to deliver those technologies to  China and Pakistan,

      Where India operates Mirage 2000 fighters which were recently modernized with more advanced Technologies listed above, 

      So it's forces the JF 17 to use the outdated Russian engines and Chinese Missiles, even they approached the South African Darter A and European IRST advanced dog fighting missiles to fit in the JF 17, that contract status is also unknown, since most countries knows about China, that they were reverse engineer everything they buy, 

        Also the JF 17 comes with Chinese made KLJ 7 radar, where it's also developed by the Chinese, since it's believed that even Russia too refused to sell the Radar systems to the JF 17 otherwise those Russian Radars significantly large in size which it can't fit inside the Radome of the JF 17. The JF 17 uses the Russian Klimov RD 93 engines, the same Mig 29 uses twin RD 93 Engines.

       The JF 17 comes with array of Chinese made Missiles, Bombs where they lack of proven modern Air to Air and Air to Ground missiles, since it's radar can't integrate it. the Primary long range BVR missile is the Chinese made PL 12 missile having range upto 60 to 100 kilometers. and uses the PL 9 and PL 5 heat seeking missile for Dogfighting. 

   But the JF 17 has some good numbers of Air to ground missiles, like Precision and Laser Guided Bombs. stand off Cruise Missile like Ra'ad, But it's not confirmed that weaponry includes the Pakistani Ra'ad available for Export to the Sri Lankan Air force. But they too can supply it to show Sri Lnakan Air force also a Threat to Indian Air force and Strategic locations in Southern corner of India. also it's planed more variety of Air to ground missiles like Anti radiation, unguided bombs and more.

     Even Sri Lanka gets the Chinese Pakistani made JF 17 it won't change anything in the Souther part of India.   

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