Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Savage Taliban returns to Afghanistan marks arrival with Parliament attack

 Taliban returns to haunt Afghanistan attacks  heart of Kabul

  The dreaded Taliban Islamic extremists group have returned to haunt Afghanistan which was on its way to recovery and development. Taliban terrorist have started gaining grounds in the Northern provinces and preliminary intelligence reports have now confirmed the taking over of two districts in Kunduz Region. Taliban militants yesterday struck at the heart of Afghanistan after a suicide bomber and gunners attacked the Parliament at national capital Kabul. The advance of Taliban has been left unchecked with only the Afghanistan forces left to take care of the situation. The international forces have retreated from the troubled Afgan region after fighting a lengthy battle with the militias.  

     The NATO led by America which once was a crucial link in restoring peace, law and order across Afghanistan has phased out its force leaving Afghanistan alone to handle the situation on ground. India has been an active element in helping Afghanistan restore the Democracy it once enjoyed. Afghanistan has termed India as a strategic partner which has stood by its side in the worst of its time. India played a key role in helping Afghanistan host its first ever election in decades. India has also helped Afghanistan restore its Economy by actively helping in increasing its trade with India and other Asian nations. India has also provided world-class training for Afghanistan military forces in bases throughout India.

    But the growing relations between Afghanistan and India have been an alarming situation for Pakistan. Taliban leaders have claimed support of Pakistan’s ISI support for their activities across Afghanistan. Last year Taliban had ambushed 24 Indian ITBP commandos and Afghan military personnel in attacks against Indian Consulate. Attacks on Indian missions have been key matter of concern in India’s aid to Afghanistan, the threats have increased over time with the NATO forces pulling out.

     Taliban is slowly gaining grounds in the Northern provinces, which NATO forces continue to consider as the one of the toughest battleground in their history. By Sunday Taliban had taken control of the Chandra district in Kunduz region, this is a victory for the Taliban as this will eventually pave way for the neighboring resource rich districts. Afghan National Army (ANA) has been successful in holding up fort in the mainlands but the renewed surge by Taliban has inflicted a major dent to the ANA operations. 

 Taliban after taking over the Chandra district has now advanced into the Dashti Archi. Dashi Archi houses a key operational base of the ANA, Taliban have also seized nearly four battle tanks and numerous heavy artillery. ANA meanwhile has started evacuating the nearly 150,000 civilians before mounting a counter operation. The attack on Afgan parliament has raised questions over the operations of the ANA. But with left extremely minimal force there is hardly anything the ANA can do.

    ANA has put up a brave face in countering the Taliban in its area of operation. ANA has been busy mounting operations on Taliban holdings across Kabul. The repeated bombings and gunfights in and around the capital have kept most of the ANA grounded around Kabul. During the attack on parliament the ANA successfully gunned down the insurgents and took control of the power seat. During the operation a ANA soldier executed six Taliban perpetrators alone thus controlling further damage to the control. The video of the brave men can watched in the link here.

Editor - Karthik Kakoor

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