Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Indian Navy in South China sea

Indian Navy in South China sea

    The Chinese almost managed to build a base in south china sea, with small air strips and anti aircraft guns, for self defense of the Artificial Island, at first the US Navy confronted the Chinese Navy and flew above the Island and inspected the Chinese Developments, the Chinese main objective is to gain control of the South China sea which is owned by Vietnam and Philippines under International Law, once they discovered the huge natural deposits, China shown interest in the South China Sea starts its game to  take the Area with his military Power,

          After the American aircraft the Philippines send it's coast guard, and tries to enter the South China sea, but unfortunately they never sailed near to the Artificial Islands, despite Chinese pressure, and the South Chinese Nations united and planned a Joint Naval drill near to the South China Sea, with the presence of US Navy, also Japan and Australia too planned for a Joint Naval drill in the SCS, to counterbalance Chinese influence in SCS.

        Recently Chinese Warned the Indians do not explore oil or do not try any other activities near to South China sea, which will create Problems, a Chinese official quoted, where ONGC almost started excavating oils deposits from SCS. the Chinese already many times warned the Indians about exploring oil reserves in SCS, But India didn't shows it's resistance, Once the Navy openly bombard the Chinese by saying Navy will ready to use it's powers to secure it's interests in SCS.

        The Indian Navy and Singapore Navy is in Singapore waters and conducting Joint annual Anti submarine warfare exercise named SIMBEX 2015, India sends it's ASW corvette INS Komarta and the Frigate INS Satpura, they almost completed the exercise and Now they heading to South China Sea,

          Another set of Indian Naval group consisting a Destroyer INS Ranvir accompanied by the fleet Tanker INS Shakti scheduled to travel some south Asian countries like Vietnam, Philippines and Australia, but with the latest incidents in South China sea, now Navy plans a drill near to south china but within the Philippines naval shores, the Two countries planned a quick naval drill to show off it's power,

            Earlier it's mentioned that some South Asian countries include India, and US , with Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Australia   planned a Huge Naval drills near by the SCS, But so far the reports says currently almost all friendly ships nearby SCS, and They will soon start the Drills,

        Earlier two times the Indian Navy gets message from Chinese Navy, when operating within the friendly waters of Vietnam and Philippines, But India refused the Chinese warning and advanced to it's targets,

          The New development in the China sea, and Indians Quick decision almost take the Chinese into their  highest sense.

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